King Charles, Camilla, and the separate houses, the secret of their ten-year love

King Charles , Camilla
king Carles and Camilla

When King Charles and Camilla are off-duty, they in beloved Highgrove, Camilla in residence bought in 1996, in the divorce from her first husband, news that has aroused not a little gossip. 

In the incredible chain of events that started with the announcement of Queen Elizabeth’s death, in the dense network of celebrations, processions, and coffin vigils, there is a gossip that has managed to scratch the blanket of the solemnity of these days, news that it concerns the new rulers, Charles III and his queen consort, Camilla.

the long journey to the state funeral on September 19, the couple decided to take a day off to reflect on the sovereign’s legacy and catch their breath, considering the steady pace of public events that involved them firsthand.

The king spent this day in his beloved Highgrove, the residence about 2 hours from London where Charles had been taking refuge for decades.

He built a small universe of biodiversity and sustainability in this place, two of his great passions.

On the other hand, his wife spent 24 hours of freedom at Ray Mill House, a mansion purchased in 1996, the year of her separation from her first husband, Andrew Parker Bowles.

King Charles and Camilla in Highgrove

The couple, who have been in a relationship since the early 1970s and have been married since 2005, tends to spend their holidays in the countryside in separate houses to keep the practices of both and to allow Camilla.

She has two children with her first husband and five grandchildren to keep her family ties in peace.

Some sources affirm that she spends little time in Highgrove and that she still sleeps in a separate room from her husband.

The two residences are, however, close, about 20 minutes apart.

Far from being in crisis, the couple naturally chose this solution decades ago to allow both to keep their individuality and passions and keep the relationship in balance.

The well-informed states she goes shopping at the supermarket, picks grandchildren up from school, spends time with them, and organizes family dinners.

Camilla’s children do not participate in any way in the official life of her mother, Clarence House, which remained their London headquarters until King’s ascension to the throne, seems to be the secret element in their relationship.

Is life in houses, or at least in separate rooms, really the formula for maintaining romance in a relationship?

The choice of Carlo and Camilla seems to be oriented towards maintaining individual spaces, not to put them in two watertight compartments, but to keep a balance that cannot always be experienced as a couple.

Indeed, for the experts, knowing how to distance oneself is a sign of how much one is in harmony: other than crisis, the new sovereigns of England are in harmony more than ever.

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