King Charles III on throne : Confusion about The Royal Residences now

King Charles III
King Charles III

There is a lot of confusion about the royal residences, which are likely to be redistributed among the working royals. Not without twists.

What will happen to Buckingham Palace now that King Charles III has taken the throne?

There are many questions about the likely changes in the British monarchy, and not all have definite answers yet.

One of the most pressing concerns is the redistribution of royal residences, which is the important list of houses, castles, cottages, and estates that are part of the Crown heritage and the individual sovereign and his heirs.

One wonders, in particular, whether Clarence House in London, which until now has been the headquarters of Carlo and Camilla, will be decommissioned; and although Buckingham Palace, which for some years has been the focus of major renovations, will once again become the symbolic palace of the British monarchy.

In fact, in the last years of her life, Queen Elizabeth had chosen Windsor Castle as her official address: to symbolize the bond with this iconic and evocative place about an hour from London, the Queen now rests in a wing of the chapel of San Giorgio, where the final and most exciting moments of the state funeral were celebrated on 19 September.

Another pressing issue shines the spotlight on the recent move of Kate and William, former Dukes of Cambridge now invested with the prestigious title of Princes of Wales, to Adelaide Cottage, also in Windsor.

King Charles III and The Royal Residence

The move of the princes and their children, who have started the new school year in a prestigious institute near the new residence, is very recent: among the reasons for Kate and William’s change of life, there was, at least in the first instance, the willingness to get closer to Queen Elizabeth, to guarantee the children a normal life, to enjoy the joys of the English countryside and the proximity to the other grandparents, the Middletons, who live a few kilometers away.

But now, with the change in status of Prince William and his wife, royal chroniclers are wondering if Adelaide Cottage will remain their home for long.

Arousing not a little bewilderment because of the recent move, the cottage has been refurbished.

In any case, the office of the Princes of Wales remains at Kensington Palace in London, where they lived until the summer of 2022.

The refurbishment of Kensington Palace apartment 1A had cost, at the time, nearly £ 5.4 million, largely supported by British taxes; Adelaide Cottage, which is part of the Windsor Castle properties, has been temporarily leased by the princes of Wales, and one of the most bitter criticisms from royal commentators these days is just about the stability of this solution.

The status of Kate and William no longer corresponds to the cottage they now live in, which is much smaller than the previous house and does not even provide a private room for the children’s nanny, Maria Borrallo, who has always lived with them in London.

In short, there is a serious possibility that they will move to another wing of the castle while remaining in Windsor.

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Another hot topic is the possible “eviction” of Prince Andrew of York and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Despite their separation in 1996, they continue to live together at the Royal Lodge in Windsor.

With 31 bedrooms, this castle grounds estate is arguably one of the most luxurious: The Daily Mail reported that, given the Duke of York’s not-so-idyllic relationship with King Charles, the prince expects a well-served letter at any moment.

Royal Lodge belonged to the Queen Mother and was inherited by the Duke of York for several years through multi-ten-year leasing.

But the will of Prince Charles to remove from court those who are not useful (and, above all, it costs a lot of money), those who destroy the reputation of the monarchy, and those who are not counted among the ranks of the senior royals suggest a heavy reshuffle of the apartments that are part of the properties of the Crown, a registry shift of the official residences and new renovations that will make many citizens turn up their noses, considering that, in large part, they are subsidizing them.

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