Lady Louise Windsor now enrolled at the same University where Dukes of Cambridge met

Lady Louise Windsor

Lady Louise Windsor obtained her diploma and has decided to enroll at the same university where the Dukes of Cambridge spent their best years.

The tradition started by Prince William and Kate Middleton at St. Andrews, the prestigious Scottish university where they met, will continue, according to the royal news, with Lady Louise Windsor, eldest daughter of Sophie and Edoardo Wessex and beloved niece of Queen Elizabeth.

From the palace, they confirm that the Lady Louise Windsor, 19, has obtained her diploma and has decided to enroll at the university, the same university where the Dukes of Cambridge – it is appropriate to say – spent their best years.

Instagram Post of Campus view from Official Account of St. University

Lady Louise Windsor enrolled in Scottish university

Although it is not clear whether Lady Louise Windsor will decide to take a gap year to travel the world before sitting down, as cousin William himself did before her, who allowed himself the traditional gap year before returning to school studying, at St Andrews was his first choice, so he stayed close to family (Bagshot Park, where the Wessex in Surrey live, and Lady Louise Windsor’s chosen university are about an hour and twenty flights away).

The school was founded in the 15th century and has all the architectural features of the Scottish manor, a sort of Hogwarts for college students.

Prince William
A Family Photo of Dukes of Cambridge’s family | LivNews24

In the year of Prince William‘s enrollment, it was 2001, after the announcement that Charles and Diana‘s son would attend St Andrews, there was a spike in enrollment, especially of girls, eager, it is said, to meet the future king, then a golden bachelor.

Kate Middleton, who had enrolled in another university in 2000, changed in the race to also land at the same university as Prince William: a winning choice, given how it turned out.

The reasons for the transfer of the Duchess of Cambridge from the University of Edinburgh, which she had attended for a year before enrolling in the Faculty of Art History at St Andrews, are still unknown, although unofficial biographies of the Middleton family suggest that she was a whole plan of mother Carole, who has always been eager to settle her daughters with offspring of high society.

In reality, Kate was just one of the many girls who, that year, arrived at the university for the most diverse reasons.

Of her, the companions of her time remember her sporting soul, the ability to excel in every sport, participation in clubs of all kinds, and the competitive spirit that made her passionate between the benches and outside of her.

The university experience of Kate and William then allowed the two boys to live their nascent love discreetly, well protected by the network of friends of both.

Before graduating in 2005, the couple also frequented Balmoral, Queen Elizabeth’s summer estate, where Prince William has a small hidden cottage where he spent many romantic weekends with then-girlfriend Kate.

The Dukes of Cambridge have always spoken with the nostalgia of the university years and still retain many ties of those years, friends who still now fall within their very narrow circles.

In May 2021, the couple returned to St Andrews for an official engagement, retracing the first steps of their love within the walls of the University.

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