Levante and her boyfriend Pietro Palumbo now become parents


The singer and her partner Pietro Palumbo blessed with daughter Alma Futura on 13 February 2022.

Although Levante and her boyfriend Pietro Palumbo have been a steady couple for some years, little or nothing is known about their relationship, except that the singer of song “Take care of you” and her partner Pietro Palumbo became parents of Alma Futura on 13 February 2022. That’s all.

Instagram Post from official account of Levante

Of course, since she became a mother, Levante (whose real name is Claudia Lagona ) seems to have begun to let herself go a little more than in the past, sharing some shots of her in the company of her boyfriend from time to time on her Instagram page.

Pietro, which she renamed some time ago as a “Sicilian God” because of her Palermo origins, her attractiveness and objective beauty, which, in fact, does not go unnoticed.

Levante’s partner, Pietro Palumbo, is 36 years old and currently works as a lawyer at a Milan firm after graduating in law with honours from the University of Palermo, having a master’s degree at Cattolica and one in law at King’s College London.

Although Pietro is very reserved, some remnants of his life, especially as regards the beginning of his relationship with the singer of “Alfonso“, judge of X Factor in 2017 (or the year in which Maneskin participated ), have been told from the same Levante who, in the course of an interview, spoke of the first meeting with Palumbo.

Instagram Post from official account of Levante

Levante and her boyfriend Pietro Palumbo become parents

“It was a huge stroke of luck. That evening I was very angry, and a friend proposed me to go out to eat “, the 35-year-old singer of” Vertigine” revealed to Corriere Della Sera, retracing the first approach with what would later become not only her partner but also her father, Daughter Alma.

“Then he retracted; he forgot about a birthday dinner. And there with Sicilian god of uncommon beauty, I found myself. But negligible beauty is compared to the soul he has. Unfortunately, he says arancini and not arancino. He is from Palermo. The dialect? Pietro speaks it very badly because they didn’t use it at home, “concluded Levante, who in the past was married for about two years to DJ Simone Cogo and, subsequently, was engaged to her colleague Diodato from 2017 to 2019.

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