Maneskin: “The Loneliest” release is set for October 7

Maneskin: "The Loneliest"

The band was in Brianza these days to shoot a video; could it be that of “The Loneliest.” It will be released on October 7.

The wait for “The Loneliest,” the new single from Maneskin, is palpable. The release is set for October 7, but fans can’t wait to find out more about the band’s theme and the vibes that the four will be able to transmit this time.

After “Supermodel” and the cover of “If I Can Dream,” Maneskin always manages, piece by piece, to imagine different worlds.

This time, at least from the photos released on social media, there is a gothic and dark atmosphere, confirmed by what seems to be the title of the single: “The Loneliest” in fact, “the most solitary.”

Very little is known about the piece, but some are convinced that they have guessed the location where the video would have been shot.

Premier of Maneskin’s “The Loneliest”

Maneskin’s “The Loneliest” will release on October 7

It would be Villa Tittoni in Desio, in Brianza: the Maneskin, as reported by the Corriere, would have rented the entire park for three days and carried out filming that could be linked to a music video.

There has been no official confirmation on the presence of the winning musicians of Sanremo 2021 and the latest edition of Eurovision in the country.

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Still, when the news started to circulate on social media, the fans gathered in front of the villa gate, hoping to intercept Damiano and the others.

The municipal administration had to maintain confidentiality for “matters of public order,” and only on Friday afternoon, when the park reopened to the public, did a message arrive from the municipality.

“We were contacted by the production asking the possibility of using Villa Tittoni and the Municipal Park to shoot the new video of a musical group,” Mayor Simone Gargiulo and the Councilor for Events Andrea Civiero explained to the citizens,” These are opportunities that allow us to promote our territory and to enhance the identity of the city and its artistic and cultural heritage, not only locally, but also nationally.”

The villa, with neo-Gothic rooms, friezes, mosaics, and crystal chandeliers, could lend itself to a music video and even a Maneskin video.

However, for now, it is impossible to know if the suppositions of the fans are reliable, even if the timing seems a bit tight considering the release date.

Meanwhile, the band has already flown to the States and is ready to sell out on the Loud Kids Tour.

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