Death of Manuel Vallicella and Maria De Filippi homage to men and women

Manuel Vallicella
Manuel Vallicellaa

Less than 24 hours after the announcement of Manuel Vallicella ‘s death, the world of social media continues to tighten around the 35-year-old who can no longer bear the weight of life, especially since, in 2019, he had lost his mother following a terrible disease.

The now no longer alleged suicide of the ex of Men and Women has become a debated topic on Twitter as well as on Instagram, where the messages of affection and esteem towards Manuel have not failed to start from the posts dedicated to him by Ludovica Valli, the trona that Vallicella had gone to court in 2016 on the occasion of his first participation in the Maria De Filippi program.

People’s sentiments at Manuel Vallicella’s Death

“I will never forget your shyness and sweet eyes; meeting you was an honour. Manuel has a good trip”, Valli wrote next to some photos of her that portrayed her with Manuel Achille Vallicella during the many external events made by the couple during the dating show.

“You will remain forever in my heart. I am sending you, and I will continue to send you, up there, always our hugs”, concluded Ludovica, sister of Beatrice Valli.

Among the many who have remembered Manuel in the last few hours, there was also Gianni Sperti, historical columnist of Men and Women: “Everyone noticed you for your physical appearance, but then they remembered you for your shyness and goodness of mind”, Wrote the former dancer “The question that torments me is: Who knows if talking to you a little more, I could have done something to avoid this final traffic. I love you”.

A post at Manuel Vallicella’s death from uominiedonne
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Affection towards the former tronista Manuel Vallicella was also shared by Maria De Filippi and by all her staff who yesterday, at the end of the UeD episode, broadcast a video with some clips made during the television adventure of the ex 35 years old.

“Hi Manuel, may the earth be light to you”, wrote the editorial staff at the end of the clip, thus giving a final farewell to one of the most beloved characters in the history of Men and Women.

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