Marciano Cantero : In Hospital, 10th day in intensive care

Marciano Cantero
Marciano Cantero

Marciano Cantero the bassist, author and singer, leader of the rock group Enanitos Verdes, remained hospitalized today, for the tenth day, in the ICU of ​​a Mendoza clinic due to kidney failure.

Horacio Marciano Cantero, leading voice of Los Enanitos Verdes, is admitted to intensive care in a private clinic in Mendoza .

The 62-year-old Marciano Cantero has been living in his native province for some time and had recently returned from an extensive tour of Mexico and the United States with his band.

In recent weeks, a kidney complication caused him to have to undergo an operation in which a kidney and part of his spleen were removed.

According to the Los Andes newspaper, a niece of the author of “The Green Wall” and “I saw you on a train” confirmed that the artist is in “serious condition” and has been hospitalized since August 29.

With 40 years of existence, Los Enanitos Verdes is the most listened to Argentine rock group on Spotify with its classic “Lamento Boliviano” at the head, which recently had a new version at the hands of Turf.

The last show Los Enanitos Verdes gave on August 14 ian the city of Orlando, in the United States.

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There,My first day without you” “Your old letters”, “Luz de día”, and “The green wall”, a prolonge list of masterpieces attached to the skin of Latin Americans were played again.

In February, in dialogue with News Radio, Marciano Cantero was very excited about the idea of ​​going on tour after the years of confinement that the pandemic brought.

The tour , which in October planned to make a foot in Peru, to later return with some dates in Mexico and the United States, was like a kind of celebration for the 40 years of the band.

Marciano Cantero has always been very proud of the work he carries out with his colleagues, guitarists Felipe and Juan Pablo Staiti, and drummer Jota Morelli.

“I feel chosen. Because in a way, it’s a miracle to have achieved something so good musically speaking and to have been able, at the same time, to hit people. There are a lot of bands that didn’t make it to the Hollywood Bowl and we played there with the G Men, where the Beatles played, and many of the biggest artists in contemporary music history. It was something incredible and when we finished, in the dressing rooms, the people who work there told us that they had not heard the public sing so loud for a long time.”

Marciano Cantero
Instagram post of Marciano Cantero from frecuenciarock

Marciano Cantero’s collaboration with Bad Bunny and J Balvin

Marciano Cantero’s fame as a composer led him to collaborate for some time with artists such as Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

“They called me on video chat and said: ‘Teacher, thank you for making our adolescence happier! They asked me if I could help them with a song that they couldn’t finish and I like a lot of things, but I like nothing as much as composing a song”, he explained at the time about “Un peso”, the theme that united him with those priests of urban music.

“I was proud that they asked me for help because these people are very skilled with the pen, so I had to live up to the consequences. I think the featuring format is very good because not all of us are good at everything. The combination of two artists always gives something better. I am working on several collaborations right now.”

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