Marco Bellavia leaves “GF Vip” due to depression

Marco Bellavia
Marco Bellavia

Marco Bellavia left the reality show after declaring on more than one occasion his difficulties in staying in the game due to his psychological health conditions. And the housemates showed no solidarity.

Since Marco Bellavia left the GF Vip on social media, there is nothing else to talk about except the exit from the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, the former Bim Bum Bam star.

“What happened to Marco Bellavia?”, Many asked themselves after Big Brother announced the sudden farewell to the program by the former presenter, now a mental coach.

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Marco Bellavia leaves the “GF Vip”

The too much pressure, the judgments and the not very nice words received during these first weeks of GF from Bellavia were challenging to digest for the actor.

A few days ago, he had tried to open up again with his companions about the moment. Difficult he was facing (even under the cameras).

Marco asked for help, but none of the other competitors listened.

This led to the total marginalization of the competitor who, during his short stay at GF Vip, spoke more than open about the depression that has gripped him for some time, just as some Hollywood stars like Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman have recently done.

And Bradley Cooper.

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Mental health is a topical issue (as demonstrated in recent weeks by the suicide of Manuel Vallicella, former tronista of Men and Women), which, if shared, as Bellavia himself said, could have been of help to other people. ; this, at least if someone had decided to accompany Marco on his difficult path towards serenity.

However, things did not go like this and indeed, the more the former conductor of Bim bum bam spoke openly about his difficulties and the more the other competitors criticized, accused and attacked him harshly, all (or almost) coalescing against him, constantly labelled with epithets such as “crazy”, “sick” and “problematic” (to name the nicest ones).

Bellavia was “forced” to exit the show following some suspicious perspectives, now blamed for bullying via social media after the dissemination of numerous clips that show the lack of tact and empathy had by the competitors of the reality show against the actor who, as soon as he crossed the threshold of the most spied house in Italy, had spoken of his emotional restlessness.

“If one person is in need and the other 22 help him, he will do it. He can’t do it alone, “said Bellavia, sure of finding good support from the competitors of the GF Vip, to whom he had asked for help again during the last live show with Alfonso before the situation precipitated, leading him to a premature farewell to the program that is creating a lot of sensation (but also a lot of affection towards Marco).

Among the first to run in defence of Marco Bellavia was the ex-wife Elena Travaglia, who wanted to write a message in favour of the artist.

“I’m reading so many things, too many, remember that behind all this there is my son, a 15-year-old boy,” he wrote on social media, feeling compelled to reach out to the father of his son Filippo.

“Marco is exemplary man, perhaps too sensitive, and he asked for help several times in the house, but no one assisted him. They taught me to help people in difficulty, not to bury them “, continued the woman, deeply sorry for how she was treated by Marco Bellavia well as his desire to talk about the importance of mental health.

“Finally, thanks go to Antonella Fiordelisi”, added Elena at the end of her post, “perhaps the only competitor of the house to have shown a minimum of empathy towards Marco’s pain, trying to sensitize the same roommates, with poor results “.

A story with a not-so-unexpected ending that cannot (and must not) pass over in silence because of the mental health of Marco Bellavia, the neglect of others, the ease with which the most vital join forces against the weakest and, more generally, the malaise of the people around us are essential issues that must be treated with care, respect and attention.

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