Marco Mengoni inaugurated tour in Milan: “Don’t be afraid of diversity”

Marco Mengoni
Marco Mengoni

Marco Mengoni was amazed at an album out on Friday, 7 October, sold-out concerts in the halls, and announcing the following stadiums for summer 2023. We went to the Mediolanum Forum for the first time, which is what we saw.

Twenty-five songs. Five acts. The 70s club, the soul stage, the elevator cube, the lights, and the large circle that moves from the ceiling to the background.

Marco Mengoni readjusts his show for the stadiums and takes it inside them, where the contact with the public becomes closer and more intense.

A great work of video and words, energy and intimacy, on a stage of semicircular steps, a white central staircase, a circle that follows the movements of the show, a platform that rises and becomes a proscenium, and then a stage raised to five meters in height.

Instagram Post from the Official Account of Marco Mengoni

Marco Mengoni in Milan: “Don’t be afraid of diversity”

At the center of all the artists, with his music in thirteen years of career, he has collected almost 40 platinum discs.

There are Marco Mengoni’s great hits such as “The essential,” “Sai che,” “Warrior,” “I loved you,” “Ready to run,” and “Human beings” there are the songs from the latest album “Materia (Terra)” such asCambia un Uomo” that opens the show, “Luce,” “A sad song,” and those of the new album Materia (Pelle) to be released on 7 October.

It is the second volume of the trilogy: Skin that indicates contact, skin that is intimacy, nakedness, showing oneself for what one is, without superstructures.

And contact is the key to this new, utterly sold-out tour that arrives a few months after its first stages that already open the way to the five announced for now in the summer of 2023 (Padua, Salerno, Bari Bologna, and Turin).

“Disco and live are in the making; who knows if I won’t have already released the third album for the next stadiums? For now, the second comes out, the fruit of the work of these months, the desire to recognize diversity and cross it to enrich oneself.”

Instagram Post from the Official Account of Marco Mengoni

Marco Mengoni begins the concert by passing through his audience and looking for him for the show’s duration.

She listens to him and looks at Marco Mengoni: “In the sports halls, there is a little more conveying. I can see my audience in the eye. To see the emotions they feel. I talk more like I was in the theater. There are perfect things about concerts at the stadium. There is the emotional blow, the return of crazy energy that reaches many people, an almost tangible volume that returns to the stage. In the building, it fades away, but I feel a little more protected, more at home, as if I could speak into the ear of the person in front of me”, she says a couple of hours before going on stage.

He brings not only the songs but also messages and memories.

There are flashbacks, intimate moments, and words that resonate, from the search for salvation to the messages of personal research. He is not alone.

There is his historical band; there are four choristers, and there are also dancers. Colors alternate; the stage turns red, fills with fire, then blue and waterfalls.

The clothes also change, Versace, Valentino, and Missoni.

With elegance, and freedom, Marco Mengoni evolves but does not change in the bond with his people, and if the new album focuses on the encounter, this show is proof that the project is thought to be three hundred and sixty degrees on contact.

“Pelle is immersing yourself in a culture different from ours, crossing another person. Take something from the other and give back. In an era like this, I beat my fists on the table and say, “Let’s cross each other; let’s understand each other.”

Knowing something distant from us can only be positive, an enrichment of ourselves.

“Life has taught me, and the new record proves that I have always learned something from meeting people. We are moving away. So I call the disk “Skin” because the skin is one of our most sensitive sensors. Touching another person, we understand many things, and the skin makes us know how much history there is. The scars, the wrinkles, the dark circles, make me realize what a unique person you are and what a particular person I am.”

The meeting takes place: “I sing in front of a wall of strangers. But it’s good to let yourself go, meet others, and not be afraid of what we don’t know. This wall of strangers has done me a lot of good over the years,” he tells the audience.

And singing, the differences collapse. Good, the first. This will continue till the end of October.

The concert lineup

Change A Man

Human beings

No Stress

I want

Muhammad All

Psycho Killer

Believe me again

I will trust you

All My Memories


Protect yourself from me

A Sad Song

Words In A Circle

The essential

In the city

You know that


I loved you

Two thousand times


But tonight

Ready to run

I’m waiting for you

Once again

Good life

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