María José Campanario is the culprit and Andrea Janeiro has not wanted it to be known

María José Campanario

Belén Esteban has always been jealous of María José Campanario and her children and attacks Jesulín de Ubrique again

Belén Esteban and Jesulín de Ubrique would have made peace, but for a short time. The collaborator of ‘Sálvame‘ and the bullfighter signed a pact of silence forced by Andrea Janeiro.

When the young woman reached the age of majority, she issued a statement to the media to be a totally anonymous person, despite being the daughter of one of the best-known faces in the country.

At one of the points she also asked her parents not to speak either good or bad about each other, and they have done so, although on many occasions Miguel Marcos‘ wife has had to bite her tongue.

Belén Esteban has always been jealous of María José Campanario and her children.

Jesulín de Ubrique has always cared more about them than about Andrea Janeiro.

Sometimes, Paracuellos stressed that the bullfighter forgot about his other daughter.

One of the most painful moments for her is when her daughter decided to study outside of Spain to get away from the cameras.

Jesulín de Ubrique did not help Belén Esteban in paying for his daughter’s university degree.

María José Campanario is the culprit and Andrea Janeiro has not wanted it to be known

According to people close to him, he did not do it because he believed that the girl should study in Spain, where there were very good universities, the expense of traveling to London was unnecessary.

However, María José Campanario second daughter, Julia Janeiro, studied high school in the United States.

It seems that the storm will soon settle in the family.

Jesulín de Ubrique is negotiating the recording of a documentary series in the purest Rocío Carrasco style with some platform, as Tamara Falcó or Georgina Rodríguez have already done.

In it, of course, the bullfighter would respond to some of Belén Esteban’s accusations because he logically cannot ignore this episode in his life.

Jesulín de Ubrique
Jesulín de Ubrique-María José Campanario | LivNews24

Belén Esteban attacks Jesulín de Ubrique again

While it seemed that calm had settled in the family, Andrea Janeiro had even gone to meet her new brother, Belén Esteban has announced that Jesulín de Ubrique did not attend her daughter’s graduation after finishing her university studies.

Andrea invited her father very excited, and he declined the invitation.

“The explanations have to be given by his father, since he is a father 10”, said Miguel Marcos’s wife in her program.

Of course this message is a clear hint to his ex, since a few days ago he said that he was a father 10 in his last exclusive with María José Campanario.

These last words of Belén Esteban are very different from those he gave just a few weeks ago.

“Things are very good with the person they have to be with. Just as I have complained on other occasions, now it is fair to say that she is behaving very well and that I am very happy.”

Belén Esteban

As reported in the corridors of Telecinco, María José Campanario had a lot to do with Jesulín de Ubrique’s absence from her daughter’s graduation.

She just gave birth to her little one and she didn’t want the bullfighter to be absent right now.

Also, the dentist is not very happy that her husband shares space with her ex.

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