María Patiño is now left without one of her star businesses

María Patiño

A Telecinco program lowers the blind and leaves María Patiño without one of her jobs

This is the case of María Patiño , who had been the presenter of ‘ Deluxe ‘ in the summer.

However, this year it seems that it will not be like that.

While August is a vacation month for many, for others it is usually a good job opportunity.

And it is that in this month of summer there are many jobs to cover. .

Mediaset has been perpetrating several changes in the Telecinco grid , as usually happens when these dates arrive.

‘The Ana Rosa program’ is now ‘The summer program’, while ‘ Sálvame‘ has extended its schedule to broadcast ‘ Sálvame Sandía’ , a very summery program presented by Carlos Lozano .

The ‘Deluxe’ goes on vacation
But this year at Mediaset they have gone a little further.

On the one hand, they have uploaded ‘ Viva la vida’ , a space that normally also used to be broadcast in summer, a time when Emma García was replaced by some other familiar face.

While another of the osl programs that have been withdrawn is ‘ Deluxe’ .

Unlike ‘ Viva la vida’ , the ‘ Deluxe’ will return next season.

But for now, he has left María Patiño without one of her star businesses.

And it is that the summer time was the stage in which the usual gathering presented the space that Jorge Javier Vázquez normally leads .

María Patiño | LivNews24

María Patiño says goodbye to the audience in summer

“ Oh, what a great shame”, said María Patiño while interviewing Mónica Hoyos .

“But we’re going to hug each other virtually tonight when we get into bed. Good evening, see you in two weeks, “added Patiño . While Belén Rodríguez added a “We’re leaving”.

Thus, the ‘ Deluxe’ goes on vacation between August 8 and 15, planning to return next Friday, August 26. “So far today’s program.

The ‘Deluxe’ is going on vacation, but in two weeks we’ll be back and roll call. Be happy !!”, could be read on the program’s Twitter account.

However, the return date remains to be seen.

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