Meghan Markle discloses secrets of her life: “Look at me for the woman I am” 

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, gave a lengthy interview to Variety, in which she talked about the death of Queen Elizabeth, the documentary on Netflix signed by Liz Garbus, and how she would like the public to see her today that she is a free woman.

The day on which Netflix confirmed that it wanted to postpone the release of the documentary on the life of Harry and Meghan, directed by Liz Garbus, is also the day on which the Duchess of Sussex returned, triumphant, to one of the most coveted covers by those who work in the world.

Of the show or Variety magazine. A shooting, a small video teaser, and an extended interview – a good 30 minutes of reading expected to enter the life, mind, and future projects of Meghan Markle – are the heart of this new editorial project of which Prince Harry’s wife, still once alone, it is the absolute protagonist.

The service was due to be released in the second week of September, the one that marked the end of the Elizabethan era with the Queen’s death at Balmoral.

The Sussexes had therefore asked to postpone, by the period of mourning that involved all members of the royal family, the outputs planned to promote the Archetypes podcast, the first signed and hosted by Meghan on Spotify: the interview with the journalist Matt Variety’s Donelly was then re-organized in light of the events that recently rocked the royal family.

By the end of August, Meghan Markle had revealed herself with another cult magazine, New York Magazine’s The Cut, always lending itself to a high-fashion shooting.

Also, for the chat with Variety, Meghan Markle has returned to immerse herself in the role of the Hollywood star of which she is gradually wearing the shoes after her exit from the royal family in 2020.

Instagram Post of Meghan Markle from the Official Account of Variety

The photos, taken by Ramona Rosales in the exclusive San Ysidro Ranch resort in Montecito, where the Sussexes have lived for two years and where they are looking for a new home even more protected from paparazzi incursions, depict a graceful Meghan, amused at ease in front of to the goal: a reminiscence of his past on set and on TV, which, however, as he said in the interview, he has no intention of returning.

“Never say never,” told the reporter, “but with that life, I have already given.”

On the death of Queen Elizabeth, on September 8th last, Meghan Markle said: “I am grateful to my life for having spent those difficult days next to my husband, for having been able to touch the legacy that the queen left to the world.”

Meghan then reiterated that she was incredibly grateful for having been able to meet her and recalled her first solo event of her with Elizabeth, in June 2018, about a month after the royal wedding with Prince Harry in Windsor. “I’m lucky and scornful to be warmly welcomed by the family’s matriarch.”

No gossip, no reference to Harry’s broken bond with his father Charles, now on the throne, and brother William.

Just a reference to the “complicated period” they had experienced while they were together at Windsor, mourning the loss of the Queen alone in Frogmore Cottage.

About Meghan’s work after the farewell to the royal family:

The interview was a pretext to talk about Meghan’s work on Spotify: Archetypes, her podcast, is doing very well and will likely be renewed for a second season.

“Part of what I’m doing with the podcast is looking at all the nuances of the women I host on the show. I am not a journalist, but I am committed to setting up candid and real conversations with them. I had the pleasure of talking to multifaceted, dynamic women with a strong history behind them. I have included in the narrative everything that I thought useful to do them justice, to learn something from them.”


Along with the one with The Cut, Meghan and Harry’s other great interview saw them sitting on Oprah Winfrey’s sofa in March 2021. Compared to that experience, the Duchess said she felt very uncomfortable with the reactions to that. Chat and have found solace in female friendship, “that sisterhood that we should never belittle.”

Instagram Post of Meghan Markle from the Official Account of Variety

The documentary of discord:

On the documentary directed by Liz Garbus that was supposed to arrive in streaming on Netflix in December, immediately after the airing of the fifth season of The Crown, Meghan Markle has revealed that she and her husband have entirely relied on the director without going into the merits of the contents of the docuseries that the couple would have asked to modify, after the Queen’s death, probably to lower the tone of the initial controversy.

“To entrust our story to someone was nice, even if it means that the way they convey it might not be what you would have selected. But entrusting your story to someone means looking at it through their eyes – it’s interesting, especially for my husband, who had never worked in show business before. I already have the Suits experience behind me; it was fantastic to be surrounded by so much creative energy and to see all those people working together to tell their point of view.”


Tiny – or nothing – therefore, Meghan has revealed the real nature of the documentary, on which many controversies swirl furiously, particularly those related to Prince Harry’s involvement with a network, Netflix, which will profit by broadcasting from next November 9th. , the tragic scenes preceded and followed the death of his mother, Diana Spencer.

The secret life of Meghan Markle:

For the look of the photoshoot with Variety, Meghan has once again opted for great fashion houses:

  • Ranging from the Armani suit of the cover photo to the Max Mara jumpsuit
  • Passing through the dresses of Carolina Herrera
  • Jason Wu
  • Galvan

Once again, the choice of the Duchess of Sussex was to show herself for what she is now – an accomplished woman with a well-defined road ahead. “What is the most major preconception that people have regarding you?” Meghan Markle replied that she would like to “be remembered for who she is, that is, a human being.” Her hope for her, with Archetypes, is to make people imagine that she is talking “she is an honest person who giggles and questions and approaches things with inquisitiveness.”

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Meghan Markle has revealed little about her private life with her husband Harry and children Archie and Lilibet, 3 and 1 year old: the home office shared with the Duke of Sussex, the everyday morning before taking the children to school, the work projects at stake. When asked about future expectations, Meghan replied only to “desire joy, which is the only thing we should aspire to for the people around us, that they are joyful and that they are well.” And she who knows if, instead, she shouldn’t aspire to that peace that she and her husband have sought in America, building a new world for their family.

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