Meghan Markle opens up about mental health: ‘ I was called Crazy ‘

Meghan Markle

In the new episode of her podcast on Spotify, Meghan Markle reflected with her guests on the use of the word “crazy” in everyday life and the media, talking about the stigma that still revolves around it.

After the break from the death of Queen Elizabeth, Meghan Markle is back on Spotify with a new episode of her podcast Archetypes, in which, in the company of guests and interlocutors arriving from the world of entertainment and culture, she discusses archetypes and stereotypes linked to the female world.

After reporting the sexist jokes addressed to her before marrying Prince Harry, Meghan, in the new episode shot in the company of actresses Constance Wu, Jenny Slate, and Deepika Padukone, explored the contours of the word madness, often associated with fragile women , both in daily life and the media. 

Meghan Markle talks about mental health at her Podcast

“And what about crazy, crazy, irrational?”, Said the Duchess of Sussex to her guests, opening a debate on the stigma that still revolves around these terms, often used lightly even in the media. Meghan Markle has broadcast two emblematic audios from two successful TV series in the early 2000s, namely How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs, in which, often, the term “crazy” occurs in an unpleasant and derogatory way.

The episode, titled The Decoding of Crazy, then explored how this terminology minimizes mental pathology, creating a stigma that is still challenging to eradicate today.

Prince Harry’s wife, who never hid she had suicidal thoughts during her stay in the royal family, added that in the family and at work, the word “crazy” has pursued her too, in the most negative sense (and even less realistic and humane) of the term.

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“The casual way in which it is pronounced and the damage it does to women is evident,” added the Duchess, who went on to tell, also talking about her experience, of how using certain words lightly leads to send “relationships and families in shatters and to ruin reputations and careers.”

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This vicious circle leads women to remain silent, especially those who are more fragile or have a mental or psychological illness.

“They are afraid, so they are silent and immobile, internalize and repress” so as not to be called “crazy,” concluded Meghan Markle.

Many had wanted to see in this gloss a reference to the words that the Duchess herself had entrusted to Oprah Winfrey in 2021 when she had admitted that the royal family had silenced her because her voice would never have been helpful to the institution.

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