Meghan Markle : Received discriminatory comments before marrying Prince Harry

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, who with the podcast aims to dismantle the stereotypes that pigeonhole women, in the last episode, the actress told of the sexist comments that were addressed to her when she was about to marry Harry.

We are already at episode 12 of Meghan Markle‘s podcast, Archetypes, which the Duchess of Sussex made with Spotify and, this time, the topic touched upon something that, in one way or another, we all know: her royal wedding.

Markle, who with the podcast aims to dismantle the stereotypes that pigeonhole women in today’s society, in the last episode, spoke with the actress and writer Mindy Kaling and told of the sexist comments that were continually addressed to her when she was about to get married to Harry.

Everyone was saying, ‘Oh my God, you’re so lucky he chose you.” she said, “And at one point, after hearing it a million times, I was like, ‘Well, but I chose him too!’

A tweet shared by Mindy Kaling

It is well known that Meghan has always been described, on a media level, as an arrival ready to take advantage of her position, but the Duchess had never spoken openly about it, so far.

Her most common narrative since her relationship with Harry was made public has always been the “fairytale” one of the girls who finds herself living a dream after meeting Prince Charming.

Meghan Markle’s talk to Spotify

Meghan Markle, during the conversation on Spotify, said that these kinds of phrases are often addressed to women when it comes to romantic relationships and is linked to sexist stereotypes.

“It just feeds the idea that we’re waiting for someone to tell us we’re good enough as people.” she said.

The interview focuses on the challenges and stigma that Kaling experienced as an unmarried and single woman and the actress’s decision to “start a family on her own”.

Meghan Markle talked about how she, as a teenager, tended to link her value to the interest her boys showed in her.: she knew that sooner or later she would get married, she waited for that day and planned it as a daydream.

It’s rare, Markle noted, for anyone to declare “My dream for the future is to stay single.”

The fact that women see marriage and romantic relationships as a way of personal fulfillment, however, is a legacy of the past, when the alternative to finding a “good match” was to remain a spinster.

According to the Duchess, it is time for the girls to learn to find confirmation within themselves, instead of waiting for them to arrive from the outside, perhaps on the way to the altar.

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