Meghan Markle : In podcast talks about women being pigeonholed now for all these years

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle in her podcast accompanied by Williams, speaks for the women of today, but especially for those of tomorrow.

Meghan Markle did it, she announced it and it finally arrived.

We are talking about his podcast, “Archetypes“, the second born after the flop of ” Archewell Audio ” on which he worked in 2020.

In the 57 minutes of the first episode published on Tuesday 23 August, “The Misconception of Ambition with Serena Williams“, speaks of gender stereotypes, of feminism, but also of intriguing details of the private life of the Duchess of Sussex that will surely interest the most passionate about the royal family.

But above all, it speaks of ambition.

A word that in recent times our patriarchal society has tolerated little linked to the female world.

But the road to fight all the prejudices that damage a career woman is still long, Meghan Markle knows it very well, and she tells us about it.

Meghan Markle criticized for being ambitious

Together with her friend Serena Williams who recently announced her retirement, she talks about what it means, for a woman alongside a prince, to be ambitious: “Terrible, terrible thing“.

If Megan Markle grew up like all girls with the idea that being determined had a positive value, she at a mature age clashed with labels and conventions.

Prince Harry‘s wife told the microphones accompanied by Williams, a special guest on the first date. Then with the engagement that adjective, embraced immediately, began to get dirty, approaching something negative.

“For me and my classmates the message was clear: we, young women, did not have to put limits on our future,” ” I don’t remember feeling a negative purpose behind being ambitious until I began dating my husband .”

Many topics are touched upon, and although they may have already been talked about in recent years, they become interesting if told by a voice that has decided to move away from the royal family to be heard.

Meghan in her podcast speaks for the women of today, but especially for those of tomorrow, like her daughter Lilibet Diana, and that of Williams, Alexis Olympia.

She does it, as she puts it, by opening all the boxes that women have been pigeonholed into for all these years.

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