Climate of tension in Royal Family: Meghan Markle’s intention to speak with King Charles now

Meghan Markle
Meghan-Markle at Queen's funeral

A few hours after the burial ceremony of the sovereign, an NBC reporter revealed that Meghan Markle would have written a formal request to her father-in-law, King Charles III to request a meeting.

After Queen Elizabeth‘s mammoth state funeral on September 19, Royal Family retreated to their residences to continue the period of mourning in private mode.

But the machine that spreads news, rumors, and gossip about the reactions of individual members of the Windsor clan has not subsided.

A few hours after the burial ceremony of the sovereign, who now rests in St. George’s chapel with her parents and the Duke of Edinburgh, an NBC reporter revealed that Meghan Markle would have written a formal request to her father-in-law, as well as the new King Charles III to request a meeting.

The reason: “Calm souls and find peace.”

Easy to say, considering the ties cracked by years of mutual recriminations, in the case of the Dukes of Sussex, increasingly played on the public level, between TV and exclusive interviews.

Meghan Markle’s intention to speak with King Charles

NBC reporter Neil Sean said a source very close to the Sussexes confirmed Meghan Markle‘s intention to speak with King Charles before he and Prince Harry leave for California.

Among the wishes of the duchess, it seems there was that of restoring peace after the turbulent ten days that preceded the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, in which the Sussex were.

Hence, sources near the couple say they ignored or even canceled the most critical events planned. To celebrate the sovereign.

From the Palace, however, they let it be known that “if it were true, this request would be quite strange, especially in this period.

“The king and his queen consort Camilla flew to Balmoral, Scotland, immediately after the funeral to recover from the long week of events and commitments dedicated to the Queen. And Harry and Meghan Markle, as their spokespersons said, “could not wait to return to America to join their children Lilibet and Archie,” who, contrary to what some gossip anticipated, did not reach their parents in the United Kingdom because they are too small to attend funerals.

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The meeting has not been confirmed, nor has Meghan’s handwritten letter requesting it.

According to the well-informed, the Duchess of Sussex is not so “rude as to interrupt a period of mourning and reflection like this with personal dramas and problems. ” Sussex detractors think the exact opposite.

The stay of the Sussex in the UK, considering the not exactly rosy relations with Prince William, King Charles, and the other members of the family, was the focus of many suppositions and innuendo.

However, the spotlight was on mourning for the loss of the Queen.

In particular, Prince Harry has been at the center of several controversies, from that over the military uniform, which he was ultimately allowed to wear only at the wake of the Queen’s grandchildren, to the fact that the Duke of Sussex did not sing l God Save the King hymn in honor of his father during the service in Westminster.

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In short, Sussex fans believed that the death of Queen Elizabeth would be the perfect situation to bring Harry closer to William and, consequently, to his old life as a prince.

Still, the objective facts disappointed the expectation, preventing peace.

And, with the return of Harry and Meghan to America and the imminent release of the biography of Prince Harry – postponed, it seems, for a few months out of respect for the death of the grandmother – the distance is not only geographic but also emotional seems to have returned to the normal levels.

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