Meghan Markle reveals truth of her first work for Spotify, with veiled references to the Royal Family

Meghan Markle

These diaries, containers of Meghan’s thoughts at the time of her experience as a working royal, could be at the center of her memoir, sources close to the Sussex say.

Meghan Markle‘s interview published in The Cut to promote his new podcast, Archetypes, stirred up the royal chronicles.

The Duchess of Sussex exposed herself again to tell her truth, as well as to reveal the background of her first work for Spotify, she returned, with more or less veiled references, to her relationship with the royal family, also citing the diaries’ secrets written during his time in the UK while actively working for the Crown.

These diaries, containers of MeghanMarkle’s thoughts at the time of her experience as a working royal, could be at the center of her memoir, sources close to the Sussex say.

Which would have said “We would be surprised if a biography written by Meghan Markle did not see the light“, as reported by The Mirror.

Prince Harry‘s truth book will be released at Christmas, widely publicized, written to reveal the feelings of a man born a prince, who also put aside his origins to live a freer existence with his wife and children.

Meghan Markle and the Royal Family

The royal family knows nothing of this memoir: they do not know its content and expect a new scandal as soon as the pages are published.

Meghan Markle’s version, however, has not been announced and is still only a guess.

But those who know the Duchess well know how much you love to write – before getting married she ran the lifestyle blog The Tig for several years – and how much editorial projects are in her heart.

With the help of a journalist and ghostwriter, she could jot down her thoughts of hers in stormy-time journals as a guideline.

Speaking with The Cut reporter, Meghan Markle recounted the emotions triggered by the discovery of the diaries in the drawers of Frogmore Cottage, the house where the Sussexes lived after moving from London to Windsor.

You go back, open your desk and say to yourself, oh my God. Is this what I wrote in my journals while I was here?” Without adding anything about the content – but we can imagine, much of what happened in that period she told Oprah Winfrey in the now famous interview of March 2021 – MeghanMarkle has created a lot of hype around these diaries that could contain details about her life at court not particularly flattering for Prince Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.

If then the words of the Duchess of Sussex will end up in a book, we still do not know.

But given the turn that events have taken and the chill never dissolved between Prince Harry’s family and the royal one, nothing less is expected than a new, fierce chapter of this endless royal drama.

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