Michelle Hunziker on Aurora’s motherhood and farewell to Trussardi

Michelle Hunziker

The 45-year-old Michelle Hunziker presenter indulged in private confessions on Instagram during a Q&A with fans.

Those just experiences Michelle has been quite intense for months; in the past few hours, they talked about herself by answering questions from followers via Instagram.

“The separation is a great pain, great,” Michelle Hunziker said on Instagram in response to a woman who said she just got divorced after 30 years of marriage.

Michelle Hunziker indulged in private confessions on Instagram

“After mourning, it is scientifically proven, it is the thing that can stress the human being the most. So I get you, “counted Hunziker, who married and separated twice: the first with Eros and the other with Tomaso, who, in a current interview, stated he was not ready for a new relationship with a woman different from Michelle, confirming in a rather veiled way the return of the flame with the 45-year-old presenter.

“Time heals everything. Then you will do like me, with a beautiful selective memory, remove the ugly and save the beautiful”, added Hunziker, who has remained on excellent terms with both ex-husbands.

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During the chat with her fans, the presenter of Striscia la Notizia also spoke of the pregnancy of her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti, who will soon make her a grandmother for the first time.

“I get excited just thinking about it. I will be the happiest grandmother on the planet, and I can’t wait,” admitted Michelle Hunziker with no bit of emotion.

“The Universe has listened to me; after three beautiful females, a beautiful boy arrives”, the 47-year-old concluded, referring to her three daughters Aurora, Celeste and Sole: she is the only, genuine, great love of her.

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