According to Miles Millar, Wednesday is “an eight-hour Tim Burton movie” now

Miles Millar

The creators Miles Millar ensured that the series tells its own story and does not want to be a rehash of previous Addams Family productions.

Last Wednesday (a day chosen at random), Netflix premiered the first trailer for the Wednesday series , which returns the Addams family to the small screen.

However, as much as it drinks from the mythology and characters of the original series from the 60s, its creators have made it clear that it has nothing to do with that production .

This was stated by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough in an interview with Vanity Fair in which they wanted to make it clear that the most important thing for them is that the series “does not seem like a reboot or a remake of the 60s series or the movies ” , but rather, “an eight-hour-long Tim Burton movie“.

“Of course it’s a show that lives within the events that came before it, but at the same time, it has its own story. It’s not trying to remake the movies or the show from the ’60s ,” Miles Millar explained, “it was one of the most important issues for us, as well as for Tim [Burton]”.

According to Miles Millar, Wednesday is “an eight-hour Tim Burton movie”

Although Wednesday is now promoted as “a Tim Burton series” the truth is that the director joined it after the script was written , in fact, when Millar and Gough sent it to them they believed that they would never receive a response from the which they consider “the Everest of directors”, however, Burton was delighted to join the project.

“He was very interested in where the mystery of the story was going. He had a lot of questions about the television series we had worked on to see if we were going to be able to pull off Wednesday . He has loved having the opportunity to spend time with Wednesday, explore the character and wrap up the stories in an hour and 45 minutes .”

Regarding one of the most notable absences of the Addams Family in the first trailer for Wednesday, Uncle Foul, the showrunners have not wanted to catch their hands: “We have no comment on Uncle Foul. You have to see the series”.

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