Miley Cyrus sued for posting her photo on Instagram in 2021

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

According to the accusations Miley Cyrus on Instagram would have shared an image of her without having the rights to the shot.

Although in the past, Miley Cyrus lived a rather turbulent period, today, the singer rose to success thanks to the TV series Hannah Montana aired on Disney Channel (a channel that made us discover other great talents such as Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande ) has scandals and oddities set aside forever.

Despite the now super low profile lifestyle, Miley recently has been sued by a paparazzo for copyright infringement after publishing a shot taken in 2020 by photographer Robert Barbera on his social pages.

Miley Cyrus sued for posting on Instagram

According to the accusations made by the photojournalist, Miley Cyrus on Instagram would have shared (in February 2021) an image of her without, however, having the rights to the shot.

The photographer then sued the singer claiming that, as Bloomberg Law reports, the pop star would have gotten a financial advantage by publishing her unlicensed post, which would have increased traffic on her Instagram account and company sales. Her music.

“The inadmissible use of Cyrus has paralyzed, if not destroyed, the potential of any photography market,” said the paparazzo, now ready to seek financial compensation for the severe damage suffered.

An extraordinary story, but she is not the first star to run into this mistake with Robert Barbera.

Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Miley’s ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, also Katy Perry, and Dua Lipa are, in fact, among the celebs sued by the photographer, now intent on pursuing copyright infringement allegations.

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