Miriam Leone’s message now on body positivity: “Embrace common frailties”

Miriam Leone

“Showing up without filters in the days of social media is a magical act,” Miriam Leone wrote on Instagram next to a photo that portrayed her completely natural as she was kissed by the sun.

In a world where filters have become the norm, Miriam Leone has decided to go against the trend by posting a photograph of her on Instagram in which she appears without makeup and without retouching to launch a powerful message linked to body positivity and love For themselves.

Miriam Leone shared message of body positivity

Miriam Leone shared Instagram Post

“Showing oneself imperfect, a superpower to be free from the thousands of reflected mirrors that would make us perfect,” continued the 37-year-old actress seen in the role of Eva Kant in Diabolik.

Their words underline a sometimes conflicting relationship with the mirror.

“This morning, I took this photo as soon as I woke up after a night on the set with makeup and special effects, still all wrinkled from sleep,” added Miriam, currently working on The Lions of Sicily, the TV series by director Paolo Genovese from the books of Stefania Audi and whose cast also includes Michele Riondino, Vinicio Marchioni and Donatella Finocchiaro.

“I find it useful to share naturalness and imperfections to help us regain our power as human beings, to embrace our common frailties. We are also this. Small daily reminder while the light of Palermo warms me”, concluded Leone, whose words received thousands of likes and enthusiastic comments starting with that of her husband Paolo Carullo, who replied to her words with a heart.

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