Morgan supports Asia Argento on Instagram: “She will always have my respect”

Morgan and Asia Argento
Morgan and Asia Argento

Morgan said; “I could never say or do anything against my daughter’s mother, and even if I am no longer in love with her, Asia Argento will always have my respect and my complicity.

Down and out in paradise, the unauthorized biography of cult chef Anthony Bourdain hasn’t come out yet, but it’s already raising a fuss.

Journalist Charles Leerhsen has reconstructed the last days of the life of the world-famous chef and star, who committed suicide in June 2018.

He has done more than 80 interviews and, above all, seems to have managed to obtain several messages that Bourdain would have sent to relatives and friends in his last days of life.

Among these, there are also some particularly tough exchanges with Asia Argento who was his partner at the time and who has often been accused of not having supported the chef in a difficult moment.

Morgan and Asia Argento’s love life

“I wrote clearly to that man that he could not publish anything I told him,” commented the Italian actress to theNew York Times who premiered an excerpt from the book.

Argento quickly returned to the eye of the storm, so much so that Morgan, also her former partner of hers, dedicated a support post to her on Instagram.

Morgan’s post on his official Instagram Account

” They ask me to comment on the news on Asia, this is my answer”, wrote the singer on his profile: “I loved Asia and I had a daughter with her, indeed I had a daughter with her”, continued Morgan talking about Anna Lou Castoldi, who is now 21 years old.

“The love between her and me was there, we loved each other, and when we say“ I love you ”even once the desire is over and the story is over, that remains forever.

“Thanks Marco”, commented Argento who, for the moment, has declared that he has not read Leerhsen’s book.

Yet the hardest paragraphs of the biography are dedicated to the actress.

Asia Argento, in the days before Bourdain’s death, with whom she had a passionate and complicated relationship as she told, was photographed at the Hotel de Russie in Rome with the French journalist, Hugo Clement.

Now, Leerhsen is back on the story. “I’m not jealous that you’ve been with another man. I don’t own you. You are free. But you have been without regard for me. With my heart. With my life, ”Bourdain would have written to her in a message.

But the book goes further, it enters the couple’s intimacy to the point of making public what seems to have been the last messages between the two.

“Is there anything I can do?”, Bourdain seems to have asked her partner, “Stop pissing me off”, Argento would have replied.

He would just write her “Ok” before taking her own life in her hotel room in Kayserberg, France.

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