The most moving moments of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

Queen Elizabeth's funeral
Queen Elizabeth's funeral

The world was able to attend, moved, the solemn of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, and witness the collective greeting of heads of state, politicians, rulers and people familiar to the sovereign, a farewell that was followed live by millions of people around the world, on YouTube or TV.

In ten days, the face of the British monarchy changed forever. While the hymn sings God Save The King, praising the new King Charles III, the world has had to get used to the idea of ​​the mortality of Queen Elizabeth, who passed away at Balmoral on 8 September last.

Ten days later, the world was able to attend, moved, the solemn funeral, which was held between Westminster in London and the chapel of St. George in Windsor on 19 September: an unforgettable day, very long, full of history and moving moments.

At 10:44, the spectacle of the royal family led by King Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, Anna, Edoardo, and Andrea, and their grandchildren, accompanied the coffin of Queen Elizabeth, positioned on a barrel of cannon pulled by 142 British navy soldiers and surmounted by the royals, the Imperial State Crown, the orb and scepter, to Westminster Abbey.

Tweet shared by Roya Nikkhah about the details of the sustainable symbolic floral wreath on the Queen’s coffin

Concerning the precious details above the coffin and the crown of flowers, an official press release was issued just a few minutes before the start of the procession, explaining the symbolism.

The flowers, in particular, come from the gardens of Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, and Highgrove, the country residence of King Charles: in the center stands the myrtle, which was also present in Queen Elizabeth‘s wedding bouquet of 1947.

In the note above, the crown of flowers is written in loving and devoted memory of Charles R, the eldest son.

The evocative images of this short journey to the place of the solemn ceremony, which was held in the presence of 2,000 guests, are added to the album of memories collected up to here, between vigils at the coffin, personal memories of the family of Queen Elizabeth, the all with the backdrop of a silent and excited London.

Chris Chip shared moments of Queen’s death on his Twitter

As announced, Kate and Prince William‘s children of Wales, George, and Charlotte, walked behind their parents in the procession inside the Abbey before the coffin reached its location for the celebration.

There were, of course, all the members of Queen Elizabeth‘s extended family, from Meghan Markle to Sarah Ferguson ( who sat next to her daughters, Beatrice and Eugenia, during mass)., up to Lady Amelia Windsor and brothers Sam and Arthur Chatto.

The place chosen to celebrate this mammoth event is not accidental.

Indeed, it is the funeral of a head of state and a monarch, and what more solemn place than Westminster to pay homage to them?

But it is necessary to remember that within the walls of this historic building Elizabeth married her Di lei Filippo di lei of Edinburgh in 1947 and was then crowned in 1953, moments that are among the most meaningful in the life of the Queen Elizabeth.

Concelebrated by the dean of Windsor David Hoyle and the archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Elizabeth II’s memorial mass lasted about an hour and culminated with the hymn God Save The King.

The royal procession of the only male members of the family (the only exception, Princess Anne ) was then again positioned behind the coffin to follow it on the path to Wellington Arch, near Hyde Park, where the coffin of the sovereign was loaded on a chariot Funeral with Windsor direction.

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral : The last trip to the most beloved residence

Windsor Castle is another symbolic place of the Elizabethan kingdom: here, the Queen Elizabeth spent the quarantine in the most challenging period of the covid; she has always decided to settle in the last years of her life.

In the chapel of San Giorgio, Prince Harry and Meghan and Princess Eugenia and her husband Jack Brooksbank exchanged their wedding vows in 2018: it is a place of happy family memories and the final destination of the sovereign’s coffin, which will be buried.

Next to her husband Philip, her father, mother, and sister Margaret, in the small family chapel in the building.

The cameras will be after the final function, which will be held in the chapel of San Giorgio at nightfall, in the presence of a smaller number of participants (about 800) and, of course, of the royal family.

The Queen Elizabeth‘s burial will take place in private, a moving event in which only her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were able to participate as it should be.

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