Nagore Robles forgets Sandra Barneda now , Media couple of the summer

Nagore Robles

Nagore Robles is related to a well-known influencer

We already wanted a new romance after a year of so many breakups.

If the separation of Sandra Barneda and Nagore Robles, in this case definitive, hurt us, later came others such as that of Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez, Almudena Cid and Christian Gálvez, among others.

After a while without news of them, Nagore Robles jumped to the front page of all the media specialized in social chronicle for her alleged relationship with Dulceida, the most famous influencer in the country.

Last year Nagore Robles broke off his relationship with Sandra Barneda after giving himself a second chance, but they were not the only ones.

Dulceida also decided to take her path and separate from Alba Paul, who became her wife before millions of viewers.

Two of the best-known love stories on the national scene. Now two of its protagonists could have joined their paths.

Nagore Robles clarifies the rumors that relate her to Dulceida

A few days ago, Nagore Robles enjoyed a well-deserved vacation in a castle in the purest Bridgerton style.

Several content creators met in it, all of them belonging to In Management Agency , the representation agency in charge of Dulceida .

In this meeting of friends, the influencer and the Mediaset presenter have left evidence on social networks of their good relationship.

Because of these images, the followers of both have begun to speculate on a possible romance.

A far-fetched idea but for now it would be a big lie, or not.

Both Nagore Robles and Dulceida are currently single.

However, the Mediaset presenter wanted to answer her followers in the face of the rumours.

Nagore Robles | LivNews24

One of her followers has clearly asked her, and she has given a very direct answer.

“I understand that two well-known lesbians together have a lot of curiosity and interest” , she wrote along with a video in which she appears together with the Catalan in what looks like a party.

“But I am sorry to disappoint you. You will have to look for another novel this year,” the collaborator concluded.

It seems that at the moment there will be nothing between them, but neither has she closed the door to that love story.

The truth is that they make a very good couple and have a great relationship.

Nagore Robles has not fallen in love again in these eight months apart.

However, she does not close the door to love.

She will arrive when she has to arrive.

“Love is the strongest thing that can happen to you, it is the engine of the world and of my life,” she sentenced.

Right now Nagore is on vacation in Portugal, and she has gone alone, only in the company of her beloved and faithful companion Nash, her puppy.

There she has taken the opportunity to surf and practice yoga.

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