Update: Name That Tune Members By Alum Randy Jackson

Name That Tune

Fox’s hit show, Name That Tune , may focus on contestants testing out their music knowledge by only hearing a short clip of a song, but there’s also talent in the background.

Viewers know that the music on the show is performed by a live band. 

American Idol Alum Randy Jackson is at the helm of the band that’s composed of talented singers from Australia, and since Randy has a lot of experience selecting top-tier talent, we can assume that the band members are some of the best that the Australian music world has to offer.

So, who are the members of the Name That Tune band? Keep reading to find out.

Name That Tune Members Name –

1. Reigan Derry

Reigan Derry

Reigan Derry is quite the talented young woman.

According to FeelingTheVibe, the Australian beauty first rose to fame after competing on Australian idol were she finished in seventh place.

The outlet shares that Reagan went on to perform with the band Scarlet Belle until the group disbanded in 2011.

Reigan also competed on The X Factor: Australia were she placed fourth, per the outlet.

Since then, Reigan has scored a record deal with Sony and released her debut EP in 2014.

The beauty’s Instagram also shows Reigan covering various hit songs and sharing her own music.

As of writing, Reigan currently has nearly 44,800 followers on Instagram.

Thanks to the success of Name That Tune, we’re sure her following will grow over time.

2- André Keuneman

André Keuneman is a singer that has been making a name for himself.

According to André’s Linktree, the singer released his first EP “Uncomfortable Conversationalist” in 2020.

The songbird also released the 2021 EP, “MOOD.”

Even though he no longer has a presence on Instagram, André has been promoting his music on Facebook and YouTube.

3. Carlos Major

Carlos Major is the resident Australian Latin artist in the band. 

 reports that Carlos released “his debut album I Am Major, and his music video for the single “Mana” has over 16,000 views on YouTube.

Aside from Carlos’s music talents, the singer also works as a host and singer for Latino Fever, per his Instagram bio.

As for Carlos’s personal life, FeelingTheVibe shares that he’s currently “dating VyVy Olivares, a message therapist from Sydney, Australia.” According to Carlos’s Facebook page, the pair’s relationship dates back to Summer 2018.

4. Hayley Teal

Last but certainly not least, we have Hayley Teal.

According to Hayley’s Instagram bio, the beauty has done tons of singing work for a plethora of fox shows including The X Factor: Australia, where she placed sixththe Australian version of Dancing With the Stars, and of course, Name That Tune. 

Hayley has also been successful in the love department and shared the news of her engagement to producer PRNC on January 1, 2021 on Instagram.

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