Neil Gaiman announced ‘let it slip that there was going to be a special episode of ‘The Sandman’, but nobody noticed’

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman said the Netflix series surprised all fans with the premiere of a new episode two weeks after its official arrival on the platform.

Despite the fact that from the moment The Sandman ‘s arrival on Netflix was announced, it was said that it was going to be an “11 episode” series, when the series based on Neil Gaiman‘s graphic novels finally hit the platform, many fans they forgot what they had been promised and enjoyed the 10 episodes that were available to the fullest.

But Netflix kept its promise, and as it had announced years before, the first season of Sandman has 11 episodes, what happens is that the last one came as a surprise two weeks after the first season had been released in full.

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Neil Gaiman said ‘let it slip that there was going to be a special episode of ‘The Sandman’

However, this little secret of the streaming platform was revealed on several occasions by Neil Gaiman himself .

Well, as Neil Gaiman himself has confessed in an interview with Variety , there were several occasions in which he gave clues about what was going to happen in this chapter 11.

” Once I published on Twitter the cover of the book “A candle is coming” [el book that appears in Calliope’s story]. Once again, I answered a question about A Dream of a Thousand Cats by saying that we had already opened the cat casting.”

“But then I shut up and Allan [Heinberg] came really close to kick me under the table.

Also in another interview I was asked how we got such a good cast and I started making a list of all the names including Derek Jacobi‘s [who plays Erasmus Fry in Calliope] and Allan gave me an angry look and I shut up.”

Without a doubt, many clues to know that after the 10 episodes of Sandman released on Netflix on August 5, there were going to be at least two more stories.

The Sandman
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But it is not surprising that Neil Gaiman had a hard time keeping the secret, because although it was a surprise for the fans, for the creators of Sandman it was an idea they had even before the series.

“The ‘Secret’ Episode 11 was conceived by Neil, Allan and myself before introducing the series to buyers. Within the Sandman novel there are these stand-alone stories and we were determined to adapt some of them. We conceived of Episode 11 as a way to continue the story but also as a love letter to the fans “, revealed David S. Goyer.

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