The Royal Family: New Fab Four of British monarchy

The Royal Family
The Royal Family: New Fab Four of British monarchy

In the shot by photographer Chris Jackson, who follows The Royal Family at official events, we discover the future equilibrium of the monarchy led by King Charles and Queen Camilla and by Kate and William, new princes of Wales.

Suppose anyone still has doubts about the future of the British monarchy and the key roles that the most critical members will cover from now on.

In that case, all they have to do is look at the beautiful shot by Chris Jackson, the official royal photographer, which undoubtedly outlines the legacy of Queen Elizabeth.

The press has already called them “the new Fab Four,” The Royal Family, referring to a nickname already used by the British media to tell the relationship between the then Dukes of Cambridge (now Prince and Princess of Wales) and Harry and Meghan, Dukes of Sussex.

On the eve of Queen Elizabeth‘s state funeral on 18 September, King Charles III hosted a gala dinner at Buckingham Palace to welcome all the royals, politicians, and influential personalities who flocked to London to attend the sovereign’s farewell ceremony.

New Fab of British Royal Family

On that occasion, Jackson shot a portrait that has already made History: the protagonists are King Charles, the queen consort Camilla and Kate and William of Wales.

In the portrait, the king appears relaxed as he holds his queen consort to him with an arm around his waist and his lifelong companion and love, Camilla.

The princes of Wales, much more reserved in public displays of affection, remain distant, although they appear smiling and relaxed.

Behind the four royals stands a portrait of George III, around the splendor of the most iconic palace of the monarchy.

Picture of The Royal Family shared by royal photographer on Official Account

Its fate is not yet known as well as that of the other royal residences, which could be redistributed among the prominent members of the The Royal Family: without a shadow of a doubt, they have been identified in the new site of the Royal Family, which underwent a heavy restyling in the following days—upon the death of the queen, restructuring the ranks of the royals operating for the Crown.

The future of the Windsor dynasty is now in the hands of Charles and his son, already grappling with the burdensome legacy of the Duchy of Cornwall and the title of Prince of Wales.

His family moved to Windsor in early September 2022, implementing a significant downshift in real estate and family terms. 

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But rumors are racing, and it seems that King Charles wants William and his wife to have an appropriate residence at the castle, even if the renovation of Adelaide Cottage involved a significant expenditure of energy and money.

The couple’s children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, will be able to continue attending Lambrook School because it is unlikely that the princes of Wales, at least in their childhood, have any intention of returning to live in chaotic London.

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