Venice : you will have to pay to visit.


You will have to pay to enter Venice. How much? It will depend on the demand.

Venice is to be the first city in the world that you will have to pay to visit.

Venice: From January 16 next year, a fee will be collected from tourists for entry to the historic part of Venice. 

The rate is to range from 3 to 10 euro per person, depending on the number of applicants that day. 

Penalties for non-compliance with the rules are from 50 to 300 euros.

According to the councilor responsible for tourism in city hall,

Simone Venturini, this is a revolutionary approach that will help solve the problem of the excess tourists, which the city has suffered from for years. 

The initiators of the toll collection point out that it is not about closing the city, but about getting travelers to reserve visiting time, because it will help spread tourist traffic beyond the “rush hour” – describes Travel Weekly.

In autumn, the city authorities will make a website available on the Internet through which it will be possible to book tickets. 

Residents and children under the age of 6 will still be able to move around the center free of charge. 

This also applies to people with disabilities, homeowners, people who come to the city for health reasons or to visit relatives, as well as participants in sports and cultural events. 

Tourists who stay overnight in Venice will not be charged as well, as it will be included in the price of their stay.

Livnews24 | Venice

Venturini believes that many other European cities with high day visitors are watching Venice’s actions to see how they can implement a similar pattern at home.

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