Nobody wants to hire Alejandra Rubio: not received a single call to work on television now

Alejandra Rubio

The daughter of Terelu Campos, Alejandra Rubio, is left without a place in Mediaset

The disappearance of ‘ Viva la vida ‘ from the Telecinco grid has left a few pundits out of work.

Although the situation is more worrying for some than others.

Among the first is Alejandra Rubio , who at the moment has not received a single call to work on television.

A situation that has her mother, Terelu Campos , especially concerned .

After the lowering of the blind of ‘ Viva la vida’ , there are several who have seen how their hours on television were reduced. One of them is Kiko Matamoros , who now will only appear in ‘ Sálvame’ or in ‘ Deluxe’ .

She now she will have the weekend off.

And also Terelu Campos , who will also have most of his appearances on Telecinco ‘s afternoon program .

José Antonio Avilés is left without a place on Telecinco
Other cases, however, are more alarming.

For example, that of José Antonio Avilés .

The king of invented news, as he expressed on social networks, is out of work waiting for the phone to ring.

And yes, it is true that he has dreamed of intervening in ‘ Sálvame’ , but as we have told you in this medium, he became the target of ridicule from the talk show hosts.

Another of those who has remained unemployed is Alejandra Rubio .

Something that her mother, Terelu , lamented in a blog entry that she writes in the magazine Lecturas.

“It seems strange to me not to work the weekend after almost three summers doing it in ‘Viva la Vida’ , the little girl from Las Campos began .

But he recognized that “everything begins and everything ends” and he hoped to his colleagues on the program that “we can meet again soon.”

Raúl Prieto, who is someone very special in my life”, he added.

Alejandra Rubio is also waiting for the phone to ring

However, Terelu , who will continue to have a place in other spaces of the chain, does not experience a situation like that of her daughter, Alejandra Rubio , who has been left without a job and without a place in Mediaset .

“Behind the programs there are many families who make a living from it.

I am concerned about the employment situation of all my colleagues who have their families, and among those colleagues I include my daughter, since it was the only permanent job she had, ”acknowledged the Telecinco collaborator.

And it is that like Avilés , at least for the moment, nobody wants to hire her.

Because on the small screen, either you contribute or they push you away.

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