“I’m very offended”: Noemi Bocchi tormented by journalists in court

Noemi Bocchi and Totti
Noemi Bocchi and Totti

While Ilary Blasi’s ex-husband comes out on Instagram tagging his girlfriend in a video that shoots them at a dinner with friends in the capital, Noemi Bocchi appears in front of the courthouse during a hearing that saw her as an offended party in criminal proceedings.

The arrival in the court of Noemi Bocchi, the current girlfriend of Francesco Totti, did not go unnoticed.

The companion of the former Roma champion was seen entering the courtroom as an offended party in a trial at the first hearing, which, according to La Repubblica, would see Noemi clash with her ex-husband Mario Caucci, who at the time had reported to have had some friction with the woman.

The hearing that saw Bocchi as the protagonist took place behind closed doors at the request of the lawyers of the civil party to guarantee the parties the necessary privacy during the depositions.

Noemi Bocchi haunted by journalists

At the end of her testimony, however, once she left the court, she was attacked by journalists and photographers, whose presence seems to have bothered her, for some time under pressure from the media and the eyes of the people who, since it came to the surface her relationship with Totti has never left her alone.

“You are tormenting me,” said Noemi to the reporters, still very little used to living a life constantly in the spotlight.

“I’m very offended,” Bocchi concluded that perhaps, without Ilary Blasi’s ex-husband at her side, she believed that she would be left in peace by the paparazzi, being able to afford the anonymity that was once her daily life.

Since the relationship between Noemi Bocchi and Francesco Totti came to the surface before the summer, the couple has always lived with the paparazzi on their heels, ready to immortalize the two new lovebirds in every moment of their life, pinching them together an infinite amount of times between dinners and evening outings, in the company of his children (i.e. Cristian, Chanel and Isabel, born from the relationship with Blasi ) or while having fun in some club with friends.

After the confidentiality of the early days, Noemi Bocchi and Totti came out into the open, deciding to live in the light of the sun.

This feeling was born suddenly and grew in silence over time, while the relationship between Ilary and Francesco was gradually waning, with the presenter who stayed more and more time in Milan and the former footballer who began to look around and ended up falling in love with the 34-year-old who has now become not only his official partner but also the woman with whom he will soon go to live together in his new home Vigna Clara.

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