Olga Orlova declassified her second pregnancy now : “Miracles happen!”

Olga Orlova
Olga Orlova

Flew away on vacation to warmer climes from where she shared the great news. It turns out that soon she will become a mother for the second time, she spoke about this on her blog on the Web.

“Don’t stop hoping; keep dreaming! Miracles happen if you believe in them! she felt.

Singer Olga Orlova, known for participating in the group “Brilliant,” told subscribers the good news – she is pregnant for the second time. 

The artist posted a video with a rounded belly on her page and wrote that dreams could come true.

Olga Orlova posted a video on her Official Account, wrote that dreams could come true.

Judging by the frames, Olga has a decent term.

Olga Orlova added that she is now in absolute happiness, so she wants to share this feeling with the rest. 

The 44-year-old host of the reality show “Dom-2” published a video on one of the social networks, which shows a rounded belly.

However, she did not disclose the gender of the baby and other details.

Subscribers of the artist congratulate her on an important event and wish her happiness. 

“Olya, what an event! Happy for you!”; “You are so Beautiful! And how she managed to hide! “God, this is a joy! Health to you!”; “Olechka, congratulations on your husband! Take care of each other!” — noted netizens.

This event was not bypassed by Olga‘s close friend, TV presenter Ksenia Borodina. 

“I admire you; you are little but very powerful,” Ksyusha admitted.

Fans were surprised by this news, although many noted that they knew about the imminent replenishment of the Orlova family. 

After all, according to their observations, the artist began to appear less often at social events, in the company of her friend Ksenia Borodina, who gathers with friends every weekend in restaurants, bars, and other institutions in Moscow, and Olga Orlova stopped publishing her candid photos in swimsuits. 

“God, what happiness! I’m very happy for you!”, “I’m crying with happiness, goosebumps from the video!”, “What beauty, it suits you so much” “At least one good news. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart,” the fans shared their emotions. 

Olga Orlova’s colleagues and friends also left their congratulations in the comments. One of the first was Ksenia Borodina. 

 “Oh my God, what a beauty! My congratulations,” added Yana Rudkovskaya. 

“Olenka, what happiness !!!,” Orlova‘s former colleague in the Brilliant group, Yulia Kovalchuk, emotionally reacted.  

Recall that in 2021 Olga Orlova married a businessman named Valery, who is 10 years older than her. 

The man leads a non-public life and does not like it when the artist shines on him on the social network.

By the way, the entrepreneur gets along well with Olga‘s 21-year-old son Artem from his first marriage to businessman Alexander Karmanov

How Orlova’s heir reacted to the imminent addition to the family is unknown.

But Olga recently admitted that she had long dreamed of a second child. 

She also made it clear that she is well aware of the feelings that a woman experiences after a miscarriage.

“Just accept that failures happen. Believe me; I know this first hand. But everything will be fine; you will succeed!”  she once frankly spoke with one of the subscribers.

Olga Orlova’ first son, Artem, from ex-husband

Recall that Olga was married to businessman Alexander Karmanov. 

In 2001, their son Artem was born. In September last year, the TV presenter became a wife for the second time. 

The husband of a celebrity was an entrepreneur named Valery, who is 10 years older than her.

Valery leads a non-public lifestyle, so he rarely appears on celebrity social networks.

It is noteworthy that today the singer’s husband celebrates his birthday, and Orlova announced this news on an important day for their family.

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