Pechino Express: Competitors’ names for new edition has been finalized

Pechino Express new competitors

The reality show Pechino Express hosted by Costantino Della Gherardesca is preparing to return with top-level couples, including Giorgia Soleri and Federica Pellegrini.

Since the names of the competitors who will make up the cast of Pechino Express 2023 were announced, the wait for the reality of the reality, broadcast on Sky and streaming on Now, has risen to dizzying levels.

In past years, Pechino Express had distinguished itself for the very high quality of the characters in the race, but this new edition of the show has nothing to envy the previous ones: the stars in the game are all of the highest levels.

Starting with Giorgia Soleri and Federica Pellegrini, both protagonists of the news in recent months: the first is, in fact, an activist and influencer who has become a spokesperson for invisible diseases such as vulvodynia and endometriosis, while the former swimming champion has made a name for herself for the wedding with Matteo Giunta held at the end of August in Venice.

Pechino Express back with new competitors

Also, this time the competitors of Pechino Express 2023 will be couples, most of which are united by sentimental, family, or friendship ties.

The cast of the new season of the program will be composed of the influencers Giorgia Soleri and Federippi, the lawyers Alessandra Demichelis and Lara Picardi, the restaurateurs Joe Bastianich and Andrea Belfiore, the actor Dario Vergassola together with his daughter Caterina, the former Miss Italy Martina Colombari and by his son Achille Costacurta, by the newlyweds Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta, the models Carolina Stramare and Barbara Prezja, the former footballer Totò Schillaci together with his wife Barbara Lombardo and, last but not least, the two former protagonists of the Rai 2 program Il Collegio, the teacher Maria Rosa Petolicchio and the former student Andrea Di Piero.

Beijing Express will be led by Costantino Della Gherardesca, this time flanked by Enzo Miccio, former presenter of the 2022 edition after Costantino had suffered a nasty injury that had forced him to leave the program to return to Italy.

In Pechino Express 2023, the couples in the race will experience a journey to discover India, the rich and fascinating territories steeped in history and culture, Malaysian Borneo, and Cambodia; the final stage of the Sky reality show, which should be broadcast on the beginning year, although a precise date has not yet been announced.

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