Pietro Castellitto disputed between Matilda and Benedetta Porcaroli

Pietro Castellitto

The actor Pietro Castellitto, who today is happily paired with the Bolognese actress, divides himself between her and the colleague of the set, with whom he is shooting the new film, Enea.

From the latest photographs circulating these days, it would seem that Pietro Castellitto, the son of Sergio Castellitto and Margaret Mazzantini, is disputed by Matilda De Angelis and Benedetta Porcaroli: the actor and Riccardo Scamarcio’s ex-girlfriend have been seen hand in hand, on the streets of Rome, dressed in white, during the celebration of a wedding, theirs. But is it fiction or reality?

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An alleged truth would be immediately denied by explaining that the relationship between Pietro Castellitto and Matilda continues at full speed.

The couple recently has been seen together during a romantic walk through the streets of Rome where, between one laugh and the other, the two actors let themselves go to numerous kisses and hugs, confirming that the understanding and the love continue.

Pietro Castellitto and Matilda De Angelis on red carpet

After having lived the beginning of their relationship in absolute anonymity, Pietro Castellitto and Matilda De Angelis have decided to live their feeling born on the set of the film Rapiniamo il Duce, presented at the Rome Film Festival 2022, where the pair made its first official public appearance, and grew over time, away from prying eyes, becoming more robust and more solid.

So if Matilda De Angelis and Pietro are experiencing an idyllic moment, what does Benedetta Porcaroli have to do with all this? Simple, Benedetta and the son of Sergio Castellitto and Margaret Mazzantini, are the two protagonists of the film Enea, whose filming is taking place right now on the streets of Rome, with Castellitto and Porcaroli who filmed in front of a crowd of tourists and passers-by the scene of their wedding, celebrated in the splendid setting of Piazza di Spagna.

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The wedding photos immediately made the web rounds, insinuating many doubts about a possible relationship between Pietro and Benedetta Porcaroli, who recently returned single after breaking up with Riccardo Scamarcio, who is not there.

The new film with Pietro Castellitto will see the actor in the double role of director and interpreter, as already happened with the 2020 film I predatory. Successful career Pietro, who, with a few selected films, has managed to make his way into the world of cinema and TV thanks to the masterful interpretations that have seen him protagonist in Venuto al mondo, La profezia dell armadillo, Freaks Out (in which cast also appeared Claudio Santamaria and Aurora Giovinazzo ) and Speravo de morì prima, the TV miniseries inspired by the life of Totti.

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