Pietro Turano discloses about new season and its theme : plays role of Filippo in Skam Italia 5

Pietro Turano

Pietro Turano who plays Filippo, the series would investigate the phenomenon of micropenis, as well as the relationship between sexuality and virility.

When Skam Italia showrunner Ludovico Bessegato revealed the theme of the fifth season he spoke of “extremely delicate, complex and little told human and narrative material“.

When he made it known that the series would investigate the phenomenon of micropenis, as well as the relationship between sexuality, virility, and social conditioning, it was clear that this was a subject as complex as it was fundamental.

Yet, online, there was no shortage of mocking comments, jokes, and criticisms.

“But aren’t you ashamed? Are these the people who grew up with Skam? “, wrote on Instagram Pietro Turano who plays Filippo in the series.

“He hurt Me reading today’s violent tweets.”

There is a real taboo on this and think about who is directly affected by your words.

But it confirms to me that we have done something necessary. Perhaps more than ever.

The comments range from jokes, memes, and eggplant emoticons to outright criticisms of the choice of screenwriters.

Pietro Turano replied to the tweets

A girl on Twitter wrote about a desire to have a season to cry that could affect humanity and society’s important topics.

You play a lot of quarreling men and women against stereotypes, gender positions, and heteropatriarchal culture, and then when you find that the series will be concerning a guy who is uneasy with his body because of the size of his penis resembled expectations social, can you just compel?” Wrote Turano in his stories.

Pietro Turano shared about the responses on story with hashtag #skamitalia | LivNews24

At the word “micropenis” there are those who immediately wanted to trivialize and reduce the question to an extravagant and ridiculous choice.

The penis and its size, however, as Bessegato himself pointed out, are still a symbol of masculinity that carries with it rigid social expectations and a way of experiencing sexuality closely linked to stereotypes and gender roles.

As Turano pointed out, it is precisely this culture, which is based on a clear division between masculinity and femininity starting from the genitals, that feeds “mechanisms of power”.

This leads to a sexuality that is often not aimed at pleasure and relationship but becomes a terrain of oppression or a reason for personal suffering.

Speaking about sexual healthiness also means uttering about men who have a micropenis or who believe they have it due to social tensions, but it also points conversing of individuality, associations, biological, emotional and mental well-being. It means wondering what it must mean to be men beyond toxic masculinity and body shaming.”

Pietro Turano
A Tweet from the Official Account of Netflix Italy about SkamItalia5

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