The mystery of Prince Harry and Meghan’s invitation to the gala event at Buckingham Palace

Prince Harry
Prince Harry and Meghan at Queen's funeral

A few days before the gala dinner scheduled for the eve of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on September 19, it was announced by the royal chroniclers that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan would also be among the guests at the event.

The relaxed atmosphere of the Windsor release of the royal brothers-in-law, Kate and William of Wales and Meghan and Harry of Sussex, has already given way to absolute frost.

And the latest news is coming from Buckingham Palace, where an unprecedented event will be held on Sunday, September 18, in the presence of the crowned heads and the most influential leaders of state in the world ( Olena Zelenski, wife of the Ukrainian premier, included), do not tell at all of an ongoing reconciliation.

Then, with a twist worthy of the Crown, the invitation appears to have been withdrawn.

The Telegraph reported that “the Sussexes have been disinvited as, formally, they are no longer working royals” and that the couple is now in full “bewilderment.”

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Prince Harry and Meghan’s invitation to the gala event at Buckingham Palace

The progress made in recent days by both sides – the confirmation that Prince Harry will be able to wear the military uniform in the vigil of the grandchildren of the queen to be held in Westminster Hall on Saturday, September 17, at the behest of King Charles, the news that the release of the biography of the Duke of Sussex, feared at court and due out in December, has been postponed out of respect for her grandmother – they seem to have vanished under the weight of the misunderstanding.

In fact, from the palace, they let it be known that no one would ever have intended to invite, to such a formal and essential event, two people who are indeed members of the royal family but no longer working for the British Crown; Sussex spokespersons, on the other hand, claim that they first received an invitation to present themselves at Buckingham Palace.

Sources close to the new ruler argue that communications, when it comes to the Sussexes, are always very confused, equivocal, and non-linear.

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On the one hand, this supports the thesis, carried out for some time by Prince Harry and Meghan, that the couple tends to be sabotaged by a good part of the royal staff, who wanted them out of the monarchical order; on the other hand, it seems that there is no ordinary line to follow when these are at home, guests of the royal family as in these days of mourning for Queen Elizabeth, but no more workforce in the service of the king.

In short, can say everything about Prince Harry and Meghan but not that they did not create a precedent: in fact, they became the biggest diplomatic stumbling block of the British royal family after lady Diana.

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We will discover only by living whether there will be a welcome from King Charles or division behind the great misunderstanding of the invitations to the formal dinner at Buckingham Palace.

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