Prince Harry and Meghan released unpublished portraits now

Prince Harry and Meghan
Prince Harry and Meghan

After the publication of the first official portrait of the new kings and princes of Wales, two new photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also came out, and it was immediately a war of real photos. For royal chroniclers, the timing is not accidental.

Not even 48 hours after the publication of the first official portrait of the new kings of England and Kate and William, princes of Wales, here are other unpublished shots from the royal photo album, this Time starring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Shooting the most exciting moments of the Sussex dukes backstage of the One Young World event that was held in Manchester on September 5th, there was once again the photographer Misan Harriman, a loyal loyalist of the couple who has already given us several photographs unpublished of the family of Harry and Meghan (including the portrait of the first birthday of their daughter, Lilibet ).

Unpublished portraits of Prince Harry and Meghan released

There are two unpublished photos: one in the American plane, with the dukes of Sussex, ready to go on stage, looking straight into the room.

They hold hands, as they often (always) do on public occasions, and once again, Meghan Markle is in a position of power, in front of her husband, in a pose very similar to the one that stands out on the cover of the Time published in 2021.

Portrait of Prince Harry and Meghan from Official Instagram Account misanharriman

The second shot, also released on the photographer’s official profile, is more intimate, in black and white, taken in the moments before the couple’s arrival on the summit stage.

The timing of publication of these images, which were taken three days before Queen Elizabeth’s death at Balmoral, made many noses turn up. The Daily Mail wrote that “no one could accuse the Sussex of not being trendy,” referring precisely to the official shot, this Time by Chris Jackson of Getty Images, with King Charles III, Queen consort Camilla, and Kate and William of Wales released a few hours earlier. And the reactions, as well as the analysis of the expressions and non-verbal language of the couple in the photo, were not long in coming.

Royal biographer Hugo Vicker, for example, told the Telegraph that, in Harriman’s photos, “Harry looks very sad”; in general, the opinions on the timing of publication of the Sussex shots all refer to the insinuation that, basically, there is a particular strategy, a sort of scheme whereby the couple would try to obfuscate the communications, the projects, the news of the British family royal with targeted content and posted a few hours later.

Portrait of Prince Harry and Meghan from Official Instagram Account misanharriman
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On several occasions, news about the work and private life of the Dukes of Sussex reached the press, through a spokesperson, shortly after the announcements and significant launches of the brothers-in-law William and Kate. In 2020, a photo of Harry and Meghan in the rain at a public event in London, one of the last before leaving the UK forever in favor of the US, went viral, obscuring official communication from the royal family, which, in that period, he tried to stem the impact of the Sussex farewell with virtuous activities and solidarity events.

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Whether there is a strategy or not, we will never know. The gap between the royal family and the dukes remains tangible for all the royal chroniclers. According to the latest gossip, they are grappling with the search for a new home in Montecito, with a docu-reality coming out on Netflix and the publication of Prince Harry’s first memoir, coming in 2023.

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