Prince Harry’s bio will not be released next Christmas. Duke of Sussex has obtained permission from his father to wear the uniform at the vigil attended by all of Elizabeth’s grandchildren.

Prince Harry is spending his longest stint in the UK since he said goodbye to the royal family with Meghan Markle in 2020.

A farewell to grandmother Elizabeth, celebrated with a loving message, is keeping him at home.

So that he and his wife can actively participate in the celebrations planned for the public farewell to the sovereign after seeing him in Windsor with his brothers-in-law, now princes of Wales, William and Kate, and taking part in the procession that carried the queen’s coffin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster, we will meet the prince at the vigil at which he and the other grandchildren of the sovereign will take part on Saturday evening, two days before the solemn funeral.

On that occasion, it was confirmed that the Duke of Sussex would be able to wear the military uniform, even if, after being stripped of all honours due to the farewell to the royal family, in theory, he could not.

King Charles III instead allowed his son and brother Andrew of York to return the uniform on two formal occasions as a kind of homage to the queen.

There is another news that is taking place in these hours and concerns the fate of Prince Harry after his father accedes to the throne.

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His long-awaited biography, which will throw new fuel on the fire of relations between already icy family members, will no longer be released in December 2022, as anticipated: the publication has been postponed to a date to be decided in the next year, out of respect for Queen Elizabeth, who he probably would not have appreciated the release of such private pages.

Royal Highnesses of Harry and Meghan’s children

The answer, stark and crude, is no: Prince Charles apparently will not grant this status because Archie and Lilibet, like their parents, are no longer working royals; that is, they do not actively work for the Crown as Kate and William do.

Wales and will have their three children when they grow up.

British tabloids reported that Harry and Meghan are furious because they would like their children to be invested with this very high royal treatment.

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In the meantime, the children have become “only” princes as grandchildren of a sovereign.

However, it is not sure that Carlo will keep this rule: he could also change it, signing new documents and repealing the law, even if this gesture could incite the Sussex family even more.

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