Prince Harry: New controversy, Harry didn’t sing hymn to the king at Queen’s funeral

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Prince Harry was, at the center of several controversies during his stay in the UK: the first relating to the military uniform in 2020. According to some, Harry and his wife Meghan would have sung the hymn through gritted teeth, or they would not have sung it at all.

Within the ancient walls of Westminster, which has been the backdrop to many happy and less happy royal events in the last century, the first part of the long farewell to Elizabeth II, beloved sovereign, who in the last ten days, has passed since the announcement of his death on 8 September, has united millions of people in his memory.

At the solemn function in London, before the arrival of the coffin in Windsor where the queen will be buried, there was the entire royal family: the youngest members present were George and Charlotte, children of Kate and William of Wales; then there were nephews and great-grandchildren near and far of the sovereign, all gathered in the pain of the last farewell.

And, of course, there were also the dukes of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Meghan, who, by chance, were in the United Kingdom when the Queen’s conditions worsened and were, therefore, able to take part in all of the planned celebratory functions, in the period of mourning.

Just during the mass in suffrage of Elizabeth, the most attentive have noticed a detail that opens up new scenarios concerning the relationship between Harry, his father, now King Charles III, and his brother William.

Prince Harry and Meghan would have sung the hymn to the King

At the end of the ceremony, the royal anthem was sung, which, after the Queen’s death, now pays tribute to the new ruler with the words God Save The King.

Everyone, except the monarch himself, intones it as a sign of respect and deference.

At that moment, the handover from Elizabeth to Charles was most evident, moving, and tangible.

According to some, however, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan would have sung the hymn through gritted teeth, or they would not have sung it at all.

We will watch the videos of that moment to learn every secret.

For the moment, we can only retrace the reasons that, once again, led the second son of Carlo and Diana Spencer to a sidereal distance from his family.

Prince Harry was, despite himself, at the center of several controversies during his stay in the UK: the first relating to the military uniform, which he could not have worn because he was stripped of any title at the time of his farewell to the royal family in 2020.

The prince was then able to wear the uniform again, as a special concession, during the vigil attended by all the grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth, not without controversy: it seems that the initials ER – Elizabeth Regina – tribute had disappeared from the jacket of the uniform.

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Last to His Majesty. According to sources close to the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry experienced a deliberate and cruel gesture as a personal attack.

The failure to invite to the gala evening at Buckingham Palace hosted by Prince Charles on the eve of the funeral for kings and heads of state who flocked to London to pay homage to Elizabeth also weighed heavily on the fragile family balance.

The Sussexes were convinced that they were part of the entourage of royals who would take part in the event, news then immediately corrected by the palace specification that explained the mystery: not being working royals, therefore officially neither useful nor necessary in formal events, Prince Harry and Meghan stayed at home, in Frogmore Cottage, waiting to be able to return to the scene.

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The release of the Fab Four in Windsor, as royal brothers-in-law Kate and William and Meghan and Prince Harry were called in a distant time, had instilled in the fans of the couples the hope of seeing them together again.

In reality, as only later understood, it was more of a diplomatic meeting than a meeting between brothers: in short, the need was to face a common front despite feuds, dramas, and quarrels, out of respect for Queen Elizabeth, not to spend time together to find the old understanding.

Whether Prince Harry sang the hymn or not in honor of that father who, after 73 years, saw that destiny of the heir to the throne fulfilled that never seemed to have to get to the point, only the revision of the solemn moment at the funeral can tell us.

The point is that this return to the scene of the Sussexes, and in particular of Harry, who knows well the rituals, the rhythms, and the background of life as a prince, has made the distance between him and the rest of the family even more evident, in particular with Prince William.

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Who speaks and sighs thinking about their legendary brothers’ bond, that bond between brothers that seemed unbreakable, today has to deal with an affection buried under the weight of recrimination, of the unspoken, of petty revenge.

As happens in every family, mutual forgiveness is often the last and the most difficult of the paths that can take to regain balance.

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