“The Crown 6”: Prince Harry’s torments will be the center of new series

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

After finding the perfect William and Kate, the production is hunting for the actor who will play Prince Harry in his most troubled years.

The production of “The Crown“, already working on the sixth season (the fifth, highly anticipated, will arrive in streaming on Netflix from November 9) despite a setback desired by the author Peter Morgan and due to the disappearance of Elizabeth II, has opened the casting to find the actor.

He will play Prince Harry as a young man, around the early 2000s, a period that will be at the center of the narrative of the final season of the British royal family series.

Found the faces that will play Prince William and Kate Middleton at the time of their first meeting at the University of St Andrews, Robert Sterne, casting director of “The Crown“, started the search for the actor who will have to lend the face and voice to the young Prince Harry: the request, as we read on the site of the British Youth Music Theater, is for a boy between 16 and 20, even without experience.

However, physical resemblance to the Duke of Sussex when he was a teenager is necessary.

With the fifth season presumably culminating in the death of Diana Spencer in 1997, the sixth will have to ferry the viewer to the 2005 wedding between Charles, then Prince of Wales, and his lifelong love Camilla, who is now his queen consort.

The years following his mother’s death were the hardest for Prince William and his brother Harry, who was just 12 at the time of his loss.

That will be the period that the writers are focusing on for the writing of the final season of The Crown.

Torments and scandals of Prince Harry

The torments of young Prince Harry began in those years. Of course, the scandals of wild partying in Las Vegas would come after, the inappropriate disguises with a swastika in plain sight (it was 2005), the relationships with girls who would never have been admitted to Queen Elizabeth’s elegant Garden Parties.

At 16, amid his adolescent crisis sharpened by the death of his mother, Prince Harry is caught smoking marijuana: he ends up on the cover of the most widely read tabloids in the country and even in rehab, for a day, at the behest of his father.

The New York Times reported how, since 2002, Prince Harry had been a heavy drinker: there are countless references to wild parties on his father’s estate in Highgrove and to pub hopping near Eton, where both the Windsor brothers studied.

Then, William began his university career in Scotland; Prince Harry would have instead embarked on a military career, a little, it is said, to channel his energies into rigid undertakings and protocols, a little to meet his aptitudes.

The Crown 6” will not come to tell those years. Still, everyone remembers well the episode of 2012 reported exclusively by the TMZ site: Harry, completely naked and very cheerful, is photographed in a suite of the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas in the middle of a party. From there begins his struggle for privacy and hatred of the press, not just the British one.

Then, the change and the awareness, the relationships with Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas, until the meeting, in 2016, with the then actress Meghan Markle.

The rest is history. The actor who will play the prince in the cult series on Netflix will have to be able to bring back his alter ego, vices and torments, secrets, and dreams, beyond any gossip, in one of the most difficult phases of his life.

This a significant challenge, which The Crown production is undoubtedly ready to take on.

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