Prince William and Kate inaugurated their new title in Wales

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton in Wales

After the days of mourning to honor Queen Elizabeth’s death, the royals are back to work and the princes of Wales, Kate and Prince William, the monarchy’s freshest face, are off on their first official voyage.

Fresh off their title and promotion, Welsh princes Kate and William have landed in the country which they now proudly carry the flag for on their first official voyage since Queen Elizabeth’s death.

After the 7 days of mourning planned after the funeral of last September 19, the life of the senior royals has started again, and so have the events, projects, and meetings in the area.

Prince William and Kate inaugurated their new title in Wales

In addition to King Charles and his queen consort Camilla, already operating on several fronts (among other things, the new royal monogram on which the crown and the acronym CIIIR Carlo III Rex stands out), the face of the new monarchy is today represented by Prince William and his wife Kate, and woe to call her by her birth name, or Middleton, now that she has acquired the new status of Princess of Wales.

The first stop on the Welsh tour was in Anglesey, at the Royal Holyhead Lifeboat Station, one of the oldest on the coast, inaugurated by Kate herself in 2011.

The best moment, for the couple’s fans, was when, on leaving the station, little Theo Crompton, 4, went to meet the Princess of Wales to give her a bouquet. Kate’s love for young children – her third child, Prince Louis, is the same age as Theo – is proverbial: indeed, the couple’s supporters argue that a fourth child in the already well-fed clan of the family could soon arrive. Middleton-Windsor.

Among the highlights of the day, which then continued in Swansea, there is, unmissable, the look of Kate, who for the occasion chose a red coat from the LK Bennett brand, much loved by her. With a particular note: the model is called Spencer, a detail that too many seemed a tribute to Diana, the last to have held the title of Princess of Wales before Kate.

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From this trip, diplomatically indispensable since Wales is a land with an anti-monarchist soul, the great media power of William and Kate came out once again, who, one day, will take the place that today belongs to King Charles III.

The future, experts say, of a monarchy that must give much more than smiles and hugs to its subjects to be considered indispensable, as when (even if with difficulty) Queen Elizabeth was still alive.

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