Prince William and Kate Middleton: Start of new journey in Windsor

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton

After difficult times, Prince William and Kate Middleton are settling into their new home. It did not start under the best auspices, as the move coincided with the death of Queen Elizabeth. Here is all the news about their life in the countryside.

On September 8, the still Dukes of Cambridge, Kate, and William, let their three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, photograph themselves outside the Lambrook School in Windsor on the orientation day before the official start of classes.

It seemed like a typical morning enriched by the traditional – and much appreciated – the first day of the school shooting that Prince William and his wife, to avoid subsequent intrusions into their children’s privacy, grant journalists to satisfy the British press.

At lunchtime that same day, however, the lives of the three children and Kate and William changed forever: first, the announcement of the worsening of Queen Elizabeth’s conditions was published by Buckingham Palace; then the communication was given that her close relatives, including Prince William, were on their way to Balmoral, where the sovereign was at that time; finally, the announcement, at 7.30 pm Italian time, of the death of Elizabeth II.

Prince William and Kate in Windsor

What was supposed to be a typical school day, already busy for the children due to the move to another house, the Adelaide Cottage, and the landing in a new institution, has turned into one of the most important days for the life of the Cambridge family, which, in the space of 72 hours, then saw its status elevated: first Dukes of Cornwall, a title inherited by Prince Charles who in the meantime became King Charles III; then princes of Wales.

According to the royal chronicles, all this happened as the family tried to settle in the new cottage – 4 bedrooms and privileged proximity to Windsor Castle, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth while she was alive – and helped the little ones in the house.

To settle in the Lambrook School, a prestigious private school which, in different classes, welcomed the brothers George, Charlotte, and Louis in the first days of September.

“That week was tough for the Wales family,” sources close to the family told People. Kate Middleton, who stayed in Windsor on the afternoon of September 8 to be able to take the children back to school and give them in person the news of the death of her great-grandmother Elizabeth, was criticized for not accompanying her husband, uncles Sophie and Edward of Wessex and the Queen’s other children at Balmoral, to say goodbye to her.

Sources close to the Princess of Wales, however, confirmed that her priority at that time was to help her children receive the information as calmly as possible without entrusting it to the nanny Di lei Maria Borrallo, who, although no longer living in their own home as in Kensington Palace, London, accompanied his proteges to Windsor to continue looking after them.

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While discussing how to redeploy the royal residences, King Charles said he and his wife have no plans to leave Clarence House in favor of Buckingham Palace – Kate and William have resumed their public commitments while maintaining a staple of their autumn, that is, the holidays that coincide with the school half-term of their children, who will be on hiatus until next October 31.

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In 2021, as revealed by a photo posted for Father’s Day 2022, the family had spent a week off in Jordan, a country dear to Kate Middleton because, together with her parents and sister Pippa, she lived there for a few years when it was small. It is thought that this year too, the couple reached a super armored tourist destination to give the children a pause before the start of the new school cycle, to help them better assimilate the move and the frenzy of the first days of school. And most importantly, the death of his beloved great-grandmother.

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