Prince William’s betrayal that went viral on Twitter

The story began with an anonymous tweet in which there is talk of a real affair and everyone is convinced that it is talking about the Duke of Cambridge

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All about the gossip of Prince William’s betrayal

On the site of Deuxmoi , a well-known revelator of gossip and uncomfortable realities of celebrities, a news appeared that inflamed Twitter

Although the reliability of this anonymous report has to be proved, the content of the message reports of a certain British royal engaged in an extramarital affair, a secret of Pulcinella now known to all in London (adds the source). 

The royal’s interest is in a certain sexual practice (the pegging , let’s facilitate slide ) and the relationship would be tolerated by the wife,

As long as the husband does not fall in love with her and does not put emotions in the way, as has already happened in the past.

No names are mentioned, but the people of Twitter have drawn their conclusions, associating the role of the royal husband with Prince William ,

That of the complacent wife Kate Middleton and that of the ex whose husband would have fallen in love Rose Hanbury , the Marquise.

which the Duke of Cambridge would have been infatuated with several years ago, a report strongly denied by those directly involved.

Prince William On Twitter

The hashtag #Prince WilliamAffair has gone viral in the UK, but as of this writing, the tabloids are not reporting any of these insinuations in their articles.

This silence could be due to two things: the tacit collaboration agreement between some newspapers and the royal family, for which certain topics are untouchable (such as the private life of royals) in exchange for first-hand information,

Reports and news arriving directly from the offices of the Firm, participation in official, exclusive events; 

The second reason is obviously linked to the total lack of proof of the message, which would not have a solid enough basis to be considered reliable.

Indeed, given the news and background war that, at the moment, is underway between the Sussex and the Cambridge,

There are those who believe that this gossip was created artfully by the supporters of the former to discredit the latter.

This is – even for the writer – the most accredited theory: this type of rumors are generated in a viral way and are spread by users who firmly believe and fight to assert the reasons of Sussex or the Cambridge squad : yes, there is who of these things really makes a matter of principle. 

For example, in recent days there was a new report on the famous episode of Kate Middleton who bursts into tears at the rehearsal of the bridesmaids’ dresses before Meghan and Harry’s wedding, in 2018.

The first version of the story reports just this: Meghan allegedly said something offensive to her sister-in-law, who, in the throes of the after-birth and embittered, would have burst into tears. 

Meghan Markle would later tell Oprah Winfrey the exact opposite: it was Kate who said bad things, and I who cried. 

Now, according to a new point of view, Meghan would have ” bullied ” little Charlotte of Cambridge , her maid of hers, by telling her that she was not pretty enough for her role. Hence, Mom Kate’s tears.

Who is right? Impossible to know: the news on one or the other version is chasing each other quickly and, even in this case, a dedicated hashtag (#MeghanMarklebulliedCharlotte,Prince William Affair ) has gone viral. 

Often these games are played not so much on the media, as on social media: it is good to keep a critical spirit and acute observation, before letting yourself be enveloped by unbridled gossip.

Prince William really cheat on Kate?

And who knows: anything could be. 

If Ilary and Totti have left , at this point no one is safe. 

The difference with the royal family of Rome is that the Cambridge have a status that can hardly be compatible with rumors of treason, separation and divorce. 

In short, if Prince William and Kate , in private, indulge in extramarital affairs, it will hardly be known publicly. 

This gossip is very detailed and specific, but the timing is suspect: it arrives, in fact, after days of media tamtam against Prince Harry and his wife , especially after the release of Tom Bower ‘s book Revenge . Could it be, in fact, a kind of “revenge”?

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