The Princess Beatrice at her grandmother’s funeral was noticed, not only for the look, for the perfect make-up, and for the new hairstyle that focuses on XL lengths.

Princess Beatrice cried tears of sadness, just like her sister Eugenia, in front of the coffin of her grandmother Elizabeth, who had such a role in the lives of both.

And Princess Beatrice of York, like all her other uncles and cousins, took part in every celebration in memory of the queen.

At the solemn funeral on September 19, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, both present at the event, stood out for her charm and composure, as well as for a new hair look that highlighted the iconic hair red than her.

On more joyful occasions, we had already noticed that the look and attitude of Queen Elizabeth‘s niece had undergone a significant change, an evolution.

During the celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee, Beatrice, who is an ICT consultant and married in 2021, the real estate developer Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi with whom she has a daughter, Sienna Elizabeth, had a vital role in supporting the entire royal family, even if it is not officially a senior royal.

It is unlikely that it will become so with the advent of the paternal uncle Carlo on the throne.

Princess Beatrice’s presence at Queen’s funeral

British royal commentators have seen that there is something unique about Princess Beatrice, especially in the attitude with which Princess Beatrice attends family events, which in recent years have brought the British royal family together on several occasions, including funerals, weddings, and baptisms.

The story that publicly involved her father, Prince Andrew of York, canceled from the Windsor family tree due to his involvement in the affair, did not help to revolutionize the image of Beatrice and her sister Eugenia in her years of maturity.

Epstein and the report for child abuse by Virginia Giuffre, who always said she was a victim of the prince when she was only 17 years old.

Nor was the presence, cheerful but not always discreet, of her mother Sarah, the legendary Fergie who recently, after years of her most giant slips, had returned to Queen Elizabeth’s good graces, so much to obtain a prominent position at the funeral, despite the divorce by Prince Andrew is now dated 1996.

Yet, between moving vigils, sweet Instagram posts, and constant but never cumbersome presence, today, the subjects are convinced that Beatrice deserves the role of Counselor of State, which is entrusted to prominent figures of the royal family by the sovereign and who foresees, in his absence or impossibility to reign, the opportunity for the councilor to take his place temporarily.

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As the new king’s eldest niece, Beatrice already appears among her advisors and cousins ​​William and Harry.

Still, it seems that King Charles wants to eliminate his name and that of his second son from the list, to entrust them only to family members who actively work for the Crown.

An injustice, British public opinion thunders, which the York sisters would like a leading role so that they are not punished for their father’s misdeeds.

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