Princess Charlène flew to Paris now for Fashion Week shows

Princess Charlène
Princess Charlène

For the first time since Princess Charlène of Monaco returned to the Principality after a long recovery, the sovereign flew to Paris to attend the Fashion Week shows.

After months of suffering, Princess Charlène has returned to life. She did it by celebrating one of her great loves, fashion, by flying alone to Paris to attend some of the fashion week’s fashion shows.

After regaining her institutional place alongside her husband, Albert II, during the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, Charlène first flew to the Principality to be next to her children, Gabriella and Jacques, struggling with school; she then reached Paris to sit in the front rows of the Akris and Louis Vuitton S / S 2023 fashion shows.

Princess Charlène in Paris to attend Fashion Shows

In particular, the Akris fashion house, founded by the brothers Albert and Peter Kriemler, is very close to the heart and style of the Princess of Monaco.

The brand’s fabulous aqua-green dress was worn on the day of the announcement of the engagement with Prince Albert in 2010.

Over the years, during the official events of the royal family of Monaco, Charlène has worn many Akris creations.

Recently, during a visit to a retirement home in Monte Carlo, she chose a sleeveless yellow dress, again emblematic of the minimal style of the brand.

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Charlène’s return to life in these prominent events – from Queen Elizabeth’s funeral to fashion shows – suggests that the disease she contracted in South Africa in 2021, the emotional exhaustion that hit her soon after, complete with hospitalization in a clinic.

Switzerland, the turbulent return to the Principality overshadowed by gossip, are now only bad memories.

With her husband Alberto, peace seems to reign; the children, now that they have their mothers beside them, are serene.

The princess has taken back her social life and her philanthropic activity.

There no longer seem to be shadows on her face, and her presence during the Parisian fashion shows amply demonstrates this.

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