Princess Leonor’s Welsh boarding school results are hidden by Royal House

Princess Leonor

The royal house hides the academic results of Princess Leonor

Princess Leonor is currently enjoying her holidays in Mallorca with her parents, Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI .

They arrived there last weekend and will be there for a few days.

Some media indicate that they will remain on the Balearic island until the middle of next week.

Later the whole family will go to a private place that they will keep secret to avoid prying cameras.

And it is that in the royal house they still sting the photos that they took of Letizia in a bikini a few years ago.

However, these holidays will not be as long for Leonor as she would like.

Because there is no doubt that the Princess of Asturias would like to spend all of August in Spain .

But Princess Leonor will have to head to Wales before the month is out.

Princess Leonor cuts her vacation short to return to boarding school

Because according to the UWC Atlantic College boarding school website , Leonor will start the course on August 26, so she will have to leave for the British country a little earlier.

Princess Leonor was there last year studying first year of high school.

If this had been the case this year, the young woman would start the course on August 30, four days later.

Studies that are known to cost 67,000 pounds sterling , which in exchange are about 76,400 euros .

A money that, on paper, would not cost the Spaniards anything, since Felipe and Letizia pay it out of their pocket.

Although taking into account that what they have in their pocket is the allowance that the citizens do pay, that it does not cost the people anything would not be entirely true.

No news on Leonor’s performance
Be that as it may, many wonder if those 67,000 pounds sterling are well invested, since nothing has transpired from the notes that Leonor took.

They are a state secret at the level of her vacation destination.

Some results that, taking into account that basically the citizens do pay, it would not hurt if they made them known.

But not.

It is not known if Leonor has gotten outstanding, notable, or if she has stayed in enough.

If she has done well or things have been fair and she needs to improve.

At least knowing that she starts the course on August 26 because she will be in the second year of high school confirms that she has passed the course.

Although it is clear that the percentage of students who repeat the boarding school in Wales should not be very high either.

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