Queen Elizabeth facing serious mobility problems : Her health condition worsened now

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

The Daily Mail reported that Prince Charles is visiting his Queen Elizabeth every day to check on her health, her health conditions have worsened.

The Queen Elizabeth is determined to meet the Prime Minister who will succeed Boris Johnson currently in office, changing the location that has always been the scene of these important meetings: from Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II could meet her Prime Minister number 14 in Balmoral, Scotland.

If it is true that the queen has long since set aside the London palace as an official and institutional residence in favor of Windsor Castle, where she has been permanently living since the covid pandemic broke out, the reason why, the next 5 September, when Johnson’s successor is appointed, the queen cannot return to her residence near London to welcome him as usual.

The concern is that Queen Elizabeth’s now overt mobility problems, who appeared at an event in Berkshire last July 15 and then retreated to her beloved Scottish castle as it always does for the summer season, are increasing day by day.

Queen Elizabeth facing serious mobility problems

The Daily Mail reported that Prince Charles is visiting his mother every day to check on her health.

Grandchildren and great-grandchildren, from the Earls of Wessex to the Dukes of Cambridge, have included in the holidays’ passage to Scotland, to greet the sovereign.

It remains to be understood, say the royal experts, whether the queen does not simply want to revise her plans, changing the dates of her stay in Balmoral where she often spends the first weeks of September, or whether her doctors prefer not to stress her out with travel.

What, to date, seems likely, is that the new British Prime Minister will have to face a very long journey to reach Balmoral, meet the queen and have her blessing: hopefully not for the worsening health conditions of the sovereign, but to inaugurate a new tradition, perhaps a little uncomfortable for the royal guest, but certainly comfortable for Elisabetta, who turned 96 last April.

The knot of Harry and Meghan of Sussex remains, who will be in Europe in the first week of September for a series of work commitments: it is not sure, the royal insiders always say, that they will pass by Scotland to greet their grandmother or if, given the chill of family relationships, they will fly directly to the destinations designated by their business trip.

Some are convinced that being the queen yes an icon but not an immortal being, Prince Harry should do everything to greet her before it is too late: will common sense or resentment prevail?

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