Queen Elizabeth founds her first flat share at the age of 96

Queen Elizabeth has a new roommate. Her best friend Angela Kelly moves in with her.

Queen Elizabeth
The essentials in brief
 Queen Elizabeth founds her first flat share at the age of 96.
 Her best friend Angela Kelly has moved in with her at Windsor Castle.

You’re never too old to try something new…

Queen Elizabeth (96) lost her beloved husband Prince Philip († 99) about a year ago. 

But she never gets bored during the long evenings at the castle. 

As has now come to light, the monarch founded a shared flat.

Her new roommate is her best friend and personal stylist Angela Kelly (69).

Queen Elizabeth‘s health is not good

The reason for what is probably the most unusual shared flat in the world: Queen Elizabeth’s mobility problems.

The state of health of the monarch has recently caused a stir. 

The 96-year-old had to cancel various events and even missed the opening of parliament. 

Angela Kelly should now support her friend in everything.

Queen Elizabeth uses Platinum Jubilee message to elevate Charles’ 2nd wife

queen elizabeth

The 69-year-old has moved into a suite next to the Queen’s private quarters, an insider tells the Daily Mail. “She lives there now.”

Hardly anyone knows the British monarch as well as the trained seamstress Angela Kelly.

 The stylist once described their relationship as “almost like a marriage”.


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