Queen Elizabeth II’s health condition worsens

Queen Elizabeth II
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Maximum concern with the Queen Elizabeth II

Alarms are raised in the United Kingdom after the cancellation of the welcome of Queen Elizabeth II to Balmoral Castle, a traditional event that takes place every summer.

According to reports, the British monarch’s health condition has worsened in recent days, so the Royal Family has decided to organize a small and discreet private event within the Balmoral Castle facilities.

The British sovereign has been in Balmoral since the end of July and was scheduled to attend the welcome ceremony as usual.

However, this past weekend the event was canceled at the last minute, generating a bit of chaos and uncertainty about the state of health of Queen Elizabeth II , since this would be the first time, except for the summer of 2020 due to the pandemic, that the queen will not participate in the opening ceremony of the gates of Balmoral Castle.

Although Buckingham Palace has tried not to give the greatest importance to the concern generated by the monarch’s constant absences due to her mobility and health problems in general, some local media have assured that this sudden cancellation can only mean one thing . : “a sign of things to come”, referring to a possible total absence of Queen Elizabeth II from all official events in the near future.

According to the British press, Queen Elizabeth II will greet the troops, but the private event will not have the presence of cameras, reporters or photographers, so there will be greater knowledge of this act and there will be no photographic records either; Unlike last year, there were records of the event.

queen elizabeth
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Last summer, the British monarch wore a pink suit to inspect the Honor Guard and she also met the official mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, a Shetland pony named ‘Lance Corporal Cruachan IV‘. A source close to the Royal Family told The Mirror newspaper, “The traditional welcome to Balmoral is usually grounded in the Queen’s calendar and something Her Majesty really enjoys.”

Queen Elizabeth II will resume her official agenda to appoint the new British Prime Minister

Despite having canceled one of the most representative events of the British summer, Queen Elizabeth intends to interrupt her vacation to move to London and appoint the new prime minister who will replace Boris Johnsson from September .

Despite all the health problems the monarch has suffered in recent months, “Her Majesty does not expect the new Prime Minister to travel to Scotland, so the plan is for the Queen to travel to see them.”

Likewise, it has transpired that Lady Myra Butter, one of the closest friends of Queen Elizabeth II, has died at the age of 97, last Wednesday, August 3, this being a very hard blow for the queen, who has lost two loved ones (her husband and her best friend) in the last year and a half.

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