Queen Elizabeth’s beloved castle, Look Now Inside Balmoral

Queen Elizabeth's beloved castle Balmoral

That is the story of the place where the Queen Elizabeth has always spent the summer period surrounded by trusted friends, relatives and wild nature

Balmoral Castle is the place for royal summer holidays par excellence, a favorite destination not only for Queen Elizabeth, who traditionally moves her residence to Scotland in July, but also for her ancestors, in particular Queen Victoria , who made it refuge for the summer.

Every year, the sovereign reaches her beloved manor, an ancient garrison built in 1390 and then perfected and expanded: it is a real place of the heart for the Windsors, who spent dozens of summers here in the company of the Queen Elizabeth and her husband Philip of Edinburgh, who passed away in 2021.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth and her husband Philip at Balmoral Castle in 2005

There are many historical photos that portray the royal family in this place so full of memories, from the shots of Prince Charles as a child to those of the famous barbecues organized by the Duke of Edinburgh to welcome friends who stopped at the castle during the summer season , to greet the Queen Elizabeth and her husband.

Balmoral is one of the private residences that belong to the sovereign and not to the Crown: he loves it because over the years it has found shelter from media storms, gossip, photographers, who cannot enter the rooms of the castle and, in any case, must stay clear of the property.

Balmoral Castle also appeared in the fourth season of The Crown on Netflix to tell the entry of Diana Spencer into the family and the need to pass the tests (in the series, but it seems also in real life, it has been defined The Balmoral Test ) and the judgments of the relatives of Prince Charles, gathered in the place where, more than elsewhere, it can be itself.

And it was the scene, in fact, of some of the topical moments of the royal family of the last 50 years.

Queen Elizabeth
At Balmoral Diana and Carlo spent part of their honeymoon in 1981

At Balmoral, Charles and Diana , still newlyweds in 1981, spent their honeymoon : years later the Princess of Wales would have said that she loved Scotland, but that she considered the castle, because of its atmosphere and the heavy air that there it was breathed, a kind of prison.

Even the British prime ministers have to pass the test of a weekend in the Scottish mansion, a test that has been defined by many as “hell”: in the golden days, in fact, the royal family organized hunting trips and grueling days strolling on the Highlands, never considering the weather and often forcing guests to follow family members to test their temper.

Diana too, as she would tell Andrew Morton herself, her unofficial biographer, had to pass similar tests to be accepted by her husband’s relatives.

Queen Elizabeth's Beloved Castle
View on Balmoral

Queen Elizabeth and her son Charles love Balmoral with great enthusiasm and even now they spend periods there, the sovereign on a permanent basis every summer, the future king of England passing through, alternating it with stays at the castle of Mey, inherited from their maternal grandmother .

James, Queen Elizabeth’s most promising nephew, has grown up

To date, the grandchildren who come to greet their grandmother in the summer, often prefer to take refuge in cottages and smaller residences on the estate with all the comforts, as do William and Kate of Cambridge who, in the Balmoral district, have a small gift apartment of Queen Elizabeth where they spent several weekends in all discretion when they were engaged.

Queen Elizabeth
A shot of the sovereign with her grandchildren and her husband on September 5, a few days after Diana’s death.

Within the walls of the castle, the Queen Elizabeth had chosen, on that occasion, to shelter her grandchildren from the terrible news coming from France, closing up like a hedgehog with them.

Criticized for her failure to return to London, where an adoring crowd awaited the body of the Princess of Wales to honor her, Queen Elizabeth was then forced to return to Buckingham Palace and accept that a state funeral would be organized for her former daughter-in-law, even if not it was more part of the royal family.

However, many swear that she would have liked to remain safe within the walls of her beloved castle, a place of many happy memories, a pleasant refuge in the wild nature away from dramas and gossip.

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