Queen Elizabeth’s death certificate: Rumors of certificate that attested to her death

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth’s death certificate was issued by the Scottish registry: Different details about that afternoon can be drawn from the document, from the cause at the time of death to the people who were there at that time.

How did Queen Elizabeth die? The world has wondered several times since that September 8 when the sovereign, at 96, left this world forever, leaving her eldest son Carlo the role of the king for which she had been waiting for over 70 years.  

More than 20 days after the farewell, then celebrated by a long journey from Balmoral Castle, where she died, to London, where the state funeral was held, and then to Windsor, where she is now buried. 

National Records of Scotland says she died at 3:10 pm on 8 September of “Old Age”.

The detail that most of all intrigued fans of the monarchy is the wording under the entry Occupation: Her Majesty the Queen is the answer that reminded everyone of the profession – because that was what it was – of Elizabeth in the very long 70 years of her reign.

The document states that the queen died at 3.10 pm local time, therefore around 4.10 pm Italian time.

That is, while the world was worried about her conditions, anticipated by a press release issued around lunchtime to inform about the critical condition of the sovereign in Balmoral, in reality, Elizabeth had already flown away.

What Queen Elizabeth died of?

Old Age“, it says on the certificate, or complications related to age.

Elizabeth had turned 96 in April and in June, during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, she had celebrated her birthday in an official capacity with her subjects.

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From the signature on the certificate, it is clear that Princess Anne, who followed her back on the long journey from Scotland to London, was with her mother at the time of her death.

Charles III, too, near Balmoral Castle in those hours, would remain beside Elizabeth and her sister until the end.

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 Prince William, the Duke of York, and the Counts of Wessex, who left London in a private plane and landed in Scotland when it was already too late, didn’t make it in time; nor did Prince Harry, who was in Windsor for work matters with his wife Meghan Markle, but was later warned of the sovereign’s condition and only arrived in Balmoral in the evening.

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